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The Real Power of Public Records

Posted Feb 11, 2014 11:00 PM CST
By by Andy Russell, Vice President, Fraud, Prevention & Investigations, Thomson Reuters

Have you ever realized the impact the right information in the right hands at the right time can have on our lives? For legal researchers, public records can help provide crucial answers to help move a case forward – whether it’s help in making a connection, contacting a witness, locating assets, or avoiding a dangerous situation. See how the power of public records played a role in these real stories from customers who used PeopleMap, a public records product from Thomson Reuters.

PeopleMap Connects the Dots between Stalker and Motor Vehicle

A law firm in Maine was working on a pro bono case involving a stalker. They needed to determine the stalker’s location, as this person was repeatedly “showing up” around their client. After running a PeopleMap search, they were able to determine that one of the vehicles following her was in fact connected to her stalker. As the customer mentioned, “…this may actually help keep a young woman alive”.

Customer Avoids Potentially Explosive Situation

By using PeopleMap for a deposition, this law firm in Indiana was able to save themselves and others from a potentially dangerous situation. Prior to the deposition, the customer ran a PeopleMap report on the subject of his deposition. The report showed that the subject had a license to carry a concealed weapon. The first question they asked the subject at the deposition was whether he was carrying a concealed weapon on him. The startled subject replied that he did have a pistol on him. This customer already had a deputy outside the door of the deposition based on what they had learned in the PeopleMap report and had the deputy quickly escort the subject out of the deposition room to remove his weapon. Having this information helped set the tenor of the deposition, proving that PeopleMap is an invaluable resource when preparing for trial work as defense counsel.

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