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WestlawNext® iPad® app Extends Access to Attorney Workflow

Posted Apr 9, 2012 6:02 PM CDT
By Dinyar Mehta, Director WestlawNext

Attorney Jessica is traveling from Los Angeles to Washington DC to litigate an important case. She is a sought after litigation expert and the large law firm that she works for has provided her with the tools she needs to be successful in practice – including great technology and research tools. She is an experienced and technically savvy trial attorney and has frequently used her iPad in depositions and courtrooms to conduct quick research, display trial exhibits, and to stay organized and informed. Her firm uses West km, the very best knowledge repository firms have to securely store and index their work product. West km not only integrates with WestlawNext, but also the WestlawNext iPad app version 2.5.

On her flight to Washington DC, she uses her time productively to conduct some quick research using the WestlawNext iPad app. Before she even gets online, she is able to check her offline folder within the app for content she had saved there before heading to the airport. She’s pleased that she has in-flight wireless access. She then uses her iPad’s VPN utility to connect to her firm’s West km server. She finds this to be immensely beneficial because now she is able to review important and case-relevant firm workflow (briefs, motions, and other legal materials) directly within the WestlawNext iPad app. If a case on WestlawNext is referenced in a brief, she is able to review that document with ease. She is confident that all KeyCite status flags are automatically updated to the most recent state. So, if a case that she cited had been reversed since she had written the brief, the KeyCite flag would automatically update to the current state, in this case a red flag. This sort of functionality helps Jessica to sharpen her litigation edge and prepares her to win. Even more importantly, she is able to be that much more responsive to her clients, getting back to them with winning solutions even faster than before.

By the time she lands at Washington’s Reagan airport, Jessica is ahead of the curve in readiness. The WestlawNext iPad app helped her to be highly productive and efficient, even at 35,000 feet!

Dinyar Mehta earned his JD from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1993. He has worked for Westlaw for 19 years in a variety of customer-facing, strategy/compliance, and product development roles. He is passionate about WestlawNext and what it can do to further the efficiency and productivity of those who use it on their desktops, iPads or other mobile devices.

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