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In posts, authors interview other Law Library of Congress staffers about their jobs, cover highlights of the LLC's online publication, Global Legal Monitor and note developments and enhancements in, an online archive of congressional proceedings.

Author: In Custodia Legis is edited by Kimberly Allen, the planning officer. All authors work for the Law Library of Congress. Barbara Bavis, Robert Brammer and Margaret Wood are legal reference librarians; Nathan Dorn is the rare book curator; Tina Gheen is the emerging technologies librarian; Hanibal Goitom, Ruth Levush and Laney Zhang are foreign law specialists; Andrew Weber is legislative information systems manager; Jeanine Cali is a writer at the Law Library of Congress; Donna Sokol is special assistant to the Law Librarian of Congress; Kelly Buchanan is chief of the Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Division I; Liah L. Caravalho is an outreach and event specialist for legislative and external relations; Kurt Carroll is the Chief of the law library's Collection Services Division; Jennifer Davis is a collection specialist in the law library's Collection Services Division; Jennifer González and Francisco Macías are legal information analysts; and Betty Lupinacci is processing section supervisor in the Collection Services Division.

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