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A blog that covers a wide variety of legal issues in the state of New York, published by law firm Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP.

Author: Gerald N. Jacobowitz, David B. Gubits, John H. Thomas Jr., Peter R. Eriksen, Howard Protter, Donald G. Nichol, Larry Wolinsky, J. Benjamin Gailey, Mark A. Krohn, John C. Cappello, George W. Lithco , Michele L. Babcock and Michael L. Fox are partners at Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP. Sanford R. Altman, William E. Duquette Jr., Marcia A. Jacobowitz,Gary M. Schuster and Alyse D. Terhune are senior counsel. Kara J. Cavallo, F. Bryan Paz, Andrea L. Dumais, Antoinette M. Caruso, Jason C. Scottm, Alanna C. Iacono, Jennifer S. Echevarria and Kelly A. Pressler are associates. Carmee G. Murphy is of counsel and Jackie Henry-Thompson is a paralegal.

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