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"The payments industry continues to undergo dynamic change along many dimensions—for example, the macroeconomic environment, product design and value propositions, tender types, technology, the identity and number of market participants, corporate and portfolio transactions, the role of the networks, legislation and regulations, and even the underlying regulatory paradigm. At the same time, many processes, requirements and other features of the industry remain relatively unchanged. The DWT Payments Team addresses these changes and continuities every day, leveraging our many years of industry experience and our presence on both coasts and in China. With paymentlawadvisor, we offer commentary on new developments that seem particularly significant, as well as resources that we believe can be helpful to others who are tasked with anticipating, understanding and addressing these developments."

Author: Among the contributors are Burt Braverman, James H. Mann and Christin S. McMeley, partners at Davis Wright Tremaine in Washington, D.C.; Randy Gainer, Peter S. Johnson and Bernard L. Russell, partners in Seattle; Peter T. Luce, Daniel P. Reing and Karen Ross, associates in D.C.; Douglas H. Posey, an associate in New York City; and Jerry A. Wang, an associate in Seattle.

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