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Bankruptcy Law Network has information about bankruptcy laws and credit problems for the general public.

Author: Jay S. Fleischman is co-founder and president of Bankruptcy Law Network and is a solo practitioner in New York City who also authors Legal Practice Pro; Eugene S. Melchionne is a co-founder of the Bankruptcy Law Network, currently serves as its vice president and is a solo pracitioner in Waterbury, Conn.; Craig W. Andresen is a solo pracititioner in Bloomington, Minn.; Kent Anderson practices at Kent Anderson & Associates in Eugene, Ore.; Jed Berliner, is a solo practitioner in Springfield, Mass.; Carmen Dellutri is managing partner of Dellutri Law Group in Fort Myers, Fla.; Mike Doan practices at the Doan Law Firm in Carlsbad, Calif.; Rachel Lynn Foley is a solo pracitioner in Independence, Mo.; Jonathan Ginsberg is a solo practitioner in Atlanta; Kevin K. Gipson is a solo practitioner in New Orleans; Douglas B. Jacobs practices at Jacobs, Anderson, Potter & Chaplin in Chico, Calif.; Jill Michaux practices at Neis & Michaux in Topeka, Kan. and also posts at Kansas Bankruptcy Law Information; Andy Miofsky is a solo pracitioner in Granite City, Ill.; Cathy Moran is a solo practitioner in Mountain View, Calif., who also authors On the Bankruptcy Soapbox; Kurt A. O’Keefe is a solo practitioner in Detroit; Karen M. Oakes is a solo pracitioner in Klamath Falls, Ore.; Nicholas F. Ortiz is a solo pracitioner in Boston; Peter Orville is a solo practitioner in Binghamton, N.Y.; Stephen M. Otto practices at the Law Offices of Stephen Otto in Sewickley, Pa.; Chip Parker practices at Parker & DuFresne in Jacksonville, Fla.; Susanne Robicsek is a solo pracitioner in Charlotte, N.C.; Wendell Sherk practices at Sherk & Swope in St. Louis; Pamela L. Stewart is a solo pracitioner in Victoria, Texas; Brett Weiss practices at Joseph, Greenwald & Laake in Greenbelt, Md.; Däna Wilkinson is a solo pracitioner in Spartanburg, S.C. This group also authors Mortgage Law Network. Also contributing: Russell A. DeMott of Wyckoff & DeMott in Summerville, S.C., and author of Charleston Bankruptcy Blog; Adrian M. Lapas of Goldsboro, N.C.; and David P. Leibowitz practices at LakeLaw, which has offices in Chicago and Waukegan, Ill., and Kenosha, Wis.

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