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"The Cocky Law Blawg was established in 2006 by the Coleman Karesh Law Library at the University of South Carolina School of Law. The blawg is intended to keep all students, faculty, and staff aware of legal news, legal resources, library information, legal research and writing class information, and other research tips."

Author: This blawg is written and edited by University of South Carolina School of Law library faculty. The editor is Alyson Drake (reference librarian). Other contributors: Duncan Alford (dean of the law library); Terrye Conroy (assistant director of legal research instruction); April Hathcock (reference librarian); Rebekah Maxwell (associate director for library operations); Pamela Rogers Melton (associate director for administration); Karen Taylor (head of access services); Candle Wester (assistant director of faculty services); and Gloria Zinky (head of technical services).

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Two prisoners watch lawyer walk out of prison.

  • 41.29%
    "He’s not much of a lawyer, but for 40 years he hasn’t forgotten my birthday."
  • 9.01%
    "I asked for help keeping my head up, but I should have been more specific."
  • 49.7%
    "How did the meeting with your attorney go?" "He said these balloons had a better chance of getting me out than he did."