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"DUI news from around the country. Includes recent statute and case law updates, attorney opinions, expert witness advice from forensic scientist Erik Brown and analysis of drunken-driving related news and issues."

Author: Stewart Bergman and Dan Jaffe are solo practitioners in Scottsdale, Ariz.; Lindsay Berman is a solo practitioner in Miami; Eric Brown is a forensic scientist at Porter Lee Corp. and an independent criminalist in Phoenix; Michael Carrucoli is a solo practitioner with three Pennsylvania offices: Harrisburg, Lemoyne and York; Bart Herron is a solo practitioner in Oregon City, Ore.; Evan Levow is a solo practitioner in Cherry Hill, N.J.; Frank Mungo is a solo practitioner in Erlanger, Ky.; John Musca is the founder of Musca Law, with 25 Florida offices; Amanda Scalzini is a journalism major and a student intern at DUIAttorney.com; Kyle Simpson practices at Simpson, Foster & Gold in San Antonio, Texas, and is co-author of the Texas DWI Law and Practice Handbook; Michael C. Tillotson is a solo practitioner in Newport News, Va.; Jose Valdez is a solo practitioner in Sacramento, Calif.; Aaron J. Wolff practices at Cowan Kirk Gaston in Kirkland, Wash.; Chris Van Wagner and Tracey Wood practice at Van Wagner and Wood in Madison, Wis.;

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