Infinite Loathing

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"The cyclical nature of LSAT preparation forces a blighted few of us to answer the same questions regarding the LSAT ad infinitum. Part of the motivation for this blog is to set forth some provisional answers regarding these issues. Another motive is to address some broader cultural issues that may be of interest to students studying for this exam. Some of these include the nature of genius, the efficacy of 'smart drugs' and issues regarding the lives of lawyers generally. The last motive is to assure that I don’t do any work on a languishing dissertation in philosophy that I’m fairly certain won’t write itself." Posts from this blog, LSAT Ninja, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and Plan B all feed into Most Strongly Supported.

Author: Trent Teti is an LSAT instructor and co-founder of Los Angeles-based Blueprint Test Preparation.

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