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This is a broad-ranging legal information and research blog with a mission to focus on legal stories of substantive importance rather than sensational appeal and cover both national and international legal news.

Author: Bernard Hibbitts, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, is JURIST's publisher and editor-in-chief. Andrew Morgan is executive director; Jaclyn Belczyk is research director. Also editing are these University of Pittsburgh School of Law students: Maria Coladonato, managing editor; Taylor Gillan, chief of staff; and Josh Guckert, editorial coordinator. These University of Pittsburgh law students are senior editors: Christina Alam, Alexandra Farone, Allison Hall, Ashley Hogan, Yuxin Jiang, Joseph Macklin, Bradley McAllister, Emelina Perez, Michael Roberts, Marisa Rodrigues, Steven Wildberger and Dominic Yobbi. These University of Pittsburgh law students are associate editors: Cassandra Baubie, Matt Belenky, Christopher Dellana, Elizabeth Dennis, Neil Devlin, Brittany Felder, Bill Helbling and Jacqueline Jones. These University of Pittsburgh law students are assistant editors: Robert Cimmino, Cristina Correnti, Justin Cosgrove, Alonso Diaz, Ram Eachambadi, Alexander Figuly, Gwenyth Gamble, Kyle Higgins, Taylor Isaac, Miracle Jones, Kristen Kakascik, Yande Lombe, V. N. Merlina, Dave Rodkey, Matthew Santiago, Adam Shirer, Kasey Tuttle, Alix Ware and Alexis Wheeler.

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