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A blog devoted to the development of Catholic legal theory.

Author: Law professor contributors include: Robert Araujo of Gonzaga University; Stephen Bainbridge of the University of California-Los Angeles (who also authors Professor Bainbridge; Thomas Berg, Elizabeth Schlitz, Greg Sisk, Susan Stabile and Rob Vischer of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn. (Vischer also contributes to Legal Ethics Forum and The Religiously Affiliated Law Schools); John Breen is an associate professor at Loyola University Chicago; Patrick Brennan and Mark Sargent of Villanova University; Rick Garnett (who also contributes to PrawfsBlawg and The Religiously Affiliated Law Schools) and Elizabeth Kirk of the University of Notre Dame; Richard Myers of the Ave Maria School of Law; Michael Perry of Emory University; Eduardo Peñalver and Steve Shiffrin of Cornell University; Russell Powell of Seattle University; Mike Scaperlanda of the University of Oklahoma; and Richard Stith of Valparaiso Univeristy.

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