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A blog by and for the legal research and IT community in Canada. The name "Slaw" was chosen in deference to Salon and Slate and because "there's the notion that a cooperative weblog with many contributors is bound to consist of a great many (nutritious) small pieces in rather a jumble."

Author: This is a group blog, with Simon Fodden listed as the administrator. Some core contributors: Steve Matthews, who authors Vancouver Law Librarian Blog and VLLB Linkblog and created Florida Lawyers Blog Watch; Connie Crosby is a consultant at Crosby Group Consulting in Toronto and also authors Connie Crosby; Shaunna Mireau is director of knowledge management and libraries at Field Law in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Allison C. Shields is the founder and president of Legal Ease Consulting Inc. and also authors Legal Ease Blog and contributes to Lawyerist; Dan Pinnington Dan is director of practicePRO, a claims prevention initiative at the Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Co. of Toronto. He also contributes to "Avoid a Claim" Blog, The Busy Lawyer's Guide to Success and SlawTips; Jack Newton is co-founder and president of Themis Solutions in Vancouver, British Columbia; Gary P. Rodrigues is a Toronto-based publishing industry consultant; Edward Prutschi practices at Adler Bytensky Prutschi in Toronto; Omar Ha-Redeye is a solo practitioner in Toronto; and Joan Rataic-Lang is executive director and library manager at the Toronto Lawyers Association.

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