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"A Law Student’s Effort To Mitigate His Crippling Student Debt." Shopping, saving and other financial tips across the board to help a struggling law student (or grad) save money, from the best (and worst) times to go to the supermarket and ways to save on clothes and car-washing to ideas for reducing the cost of law school and paying off loan debt pronto. "I created this site as a way keep track and find out ways to save money while in law school. I’ll write up posts on discoveries I’ve made in the hope that it can benefit someone else. In addition to personal finance posts, I also post on productivity/life hack topics that have come in handy to me while in law school."

Author: Brett McKay is "a 2L at the University of Tulsa College of Law trying to figure out ways to mitigate my crippling law school debt. I’m also interested in finding ways to be more productive in law school. I’m married to a wonderful woman who teaches American history at the local community college." He also authors The Art of Manliness.

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