Trading Secrets

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Posts are devoted to cases of corporate espionage and computer fraud.

Author: Among the contributors: Kate Perrelli and Erik W. Weibust are partners at Seyfarth Shaw in Boston; Michael Baniak, Justin K. Beyer, Scott Humphrey, Jason Stiehl and Michael Wexler are partners in Chicago; Robert B. Milligan (Editor of the Blog) and Erik B. von Zeipel are partners in Los Angeles; Bob Stevens is a partner in Atlanta; Ming Henderson and Peter Talibart are partners in London; Gary Glaser and James Yu are partners in New York; Wan Li is a partner in Shanghai; James McNairy is a partner in Sacramento and San Francisco; Justine Turnbull is a partner in Sydney; Rebecca Woods is a partner in Washington, D.C.; Paul E. Freehling is senior counsel in Chicago; Anthony Orler is senior counsel in Los Angeles; Dawn Mertineit is an associate in Boston; Randy J. Bruchmiller is an associate in Houston; Daniel P. Hart is an associate in Atlanta; Matthew A. Werber is an associate in Chicago; Sarah Izfar is an associate in Washington, D.C.; Georgina McAdam and Razia Begum is an associate in London; and Daniel Joshua Salinas is an attorney in Los Angeles.

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