The 2010 ABA Journal Blawg 100

These are this year’s 100 best legal blogs, as chosen by the editors of the ABA Journal.

Welcome to the fourth annual ABA Journal Blawg 100—the best legal blogs as selected by the Journal's editors.

Each year, we scour the Web to bring you the best and brightest law bloggers in a variety of categories, and this year is no different.

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Legal Tech: These bloggers are serious about technology and its impact on the legal profession..


iPhone J.D.

New Orleans lawyer Jeff Richardson lines up to get his hands on the latest Apple products on the day they are released, shares his experiences in great detail (focusing on the lawyerly uses of these devices) and rounds up Apple coverage from all over the Web. So if you want the skinny on iOS 7, the iPhone 5S, and the recently released iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display, this is the blog to visit.



Bow Tie Law's Blog

We value Joshua Gilliland’s Bow Tie Law blog—an exhaustive look at e-discovery issues—for being on the cutting edge of evidentiary news, and for explaining the nuts and bolts in a clear and concise manner. This attorney from Santa Clara, Calif., is also quite the snazzy dresser.



Robert Ambrogi's LawSites

No time to evaluate all the latest platforms geared toward practitioners? No worries. Bob Ambrogi has it covered at LawSites, where he test-drives the latest releases—from new law- and law practice-related apps to new e-tools for legal research, billing and document management. Reviews cover ease of use, usefulness, functionality and cost. But his blog isn’t only about technology. Ambrogi of Rockport, Mass., cross-posted his popular Lawyer2Lawyer podcast on the blog and keeps his readers up on news about ethical implications for lawyers’ use of technology. (Editors' note: The Oct. 31 Lawyer2Lawyer podcast was the final one.)



Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Santa Clara University law prof Eric Goldman and Seattle lawyer Venkat Balasubramani (and some new contributors this year, it appears) cover technology cases involving laws that have only existed for the past decade or two. For jurisprudence involving search engines, website user agreements, emails and text messages, pay this blog a visit.



Tablet Legal

Tablet Legal is where lawyer Josh Barrett is pushing his Apple iPad to the limit, exploring and reviewing new ap­plications—sometimes by request—and finding ways to integrate the device into his law practice.




Are you an Android power user? Then this St. Petersburg, Fla., solo’s blog is for you. Rick Georges puts up one or two brief but substantive posts a day, alternating between content related to Droid apps and other software, and op-eds on law practice issues.



Ride the Lightning

Electronic evidence law expert Sharon Nelson of Sensei Enterprises in Fairfax, Va., watches the mainstream media, security professional trade pubs and other corners of the Internet for coverage of the latest threats to your data security, often highlighting recent opinions in which parties are undone by their careless attitudes toward data privacy.



Strategic Legal Technology Blog

Strategic Legal Tech­nology’s Ron Friedmann covers “project management, legal outsourcing and legal innovation in a way that makes you contemplate what is happening in the industry and what we need to do to keep our competitive edge." —Greg Lambert, 3 Geeks and a Law Blog



e-Discovery Insights

At e-Discovery Insights, onetime IT exec Perry Segal has a platform to explore e-discovery from soup to nuts. He takes a lighthearted approach to an undeniably dry subject and often mixes things up by veering off into posts about his latest trial and musings about e-discovery issues in the news.