Administrative Law

  • Administrative Law Prof Blog

    Posts cover new academic scholarship related to administrative law and administrative law cases in the news.

  • Alcoholic Beverage Industry Blog

    Posts cover actions of the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau as well as legal information related to the acquisition of liquor licenses with a focus on Massachusetts law.

  • bevlog

    "TTB approves well over 100,000 labels per year. In these approvals you can see the bursting efflorescence of the American (and the world) economy. This blog’s mission is to review almost all of these certificates of label approval and find the most noteworthy, amazing and cool labels among the millions. It’s a big job, and if you hear of good labels, please help us showcase them here. Products you won’t find at your local liquor store. Unless it’s the size of O’Hare."

  • Bottom Line Business Insights

    "A blog about business insights for small businesses and corporations, on everything from social networking to contracts and employment."

  • Business Licenses Blog

    "Provides opinion on business license news, reports and legislation in Delaware."

  • California Attorneys Representing Licensed, Regulated and Other Professionals

    "Articles and thoughts from attorneys who specialize in vigorously representing professionals in administrative, civil, business, regulatory and criminal matters. We also write about helping professional businesses and individuals comply with governmental regulations."

  • Coates’ Canons: NC Local Government Law Blog

    Topics include board structures and procedures; community and economic development; elections; emergency management; ethics and conflicts; finance and tax law; general local government; land use and code enforcement; legislative updates; open government; public health; and property transactions.

  • CRITique • The Charles Russell LLP Commercial Law blog

    "Items of news and comment concerning any aspect of commercial law that interests us."

  • Customs Law

    "Semi-random postings on the state of American customs law, international trade law, bicycle commuting, technology and whatever else strikes my fancy."

  • FDA Law Blog

    This blog covers topics of interest to Food and Drug Administration-regulated companies, fellow food and drug and health-care lawyers and regulatory personnel, as well as people just generally interested in FDA law. The blog provides timely updates on FDA enforcement actions, proposed rules, personnel changes, new and improved policies, along with related issues such as health-care fraud and abuse, drug and device reimbursement, HIPAA, and other topics of interest.

  • FDA Lawyers Blog

    "Designed to help the legal community learn about current issues, decisions, debates and various important subjects concerning the Food and Drug Administration."

  • Food & Drug Law Blog

    "Addresses litigation and compliance issues related to labeling and promotion of FDA regulated products."

  • gatewayFDA

    "Provides analysis, commentary, and resources to help foreign pharmaceutical and medical device companies make sense of the ever-evolving FDA regulations and understand the complete range of U.S. legal issues that may complicate bringing a drug, medical device, or other FDA-regulated product or service to market in the United States."

  • GLG News: Legal, Economic & Regulatory Affairs

    "A mosaic of perspectives on legal, political, economic, and regulatory issues that drive company valuations and country investment prospects."

  • Hawaii Land Use Law

    Observations and commentary on state legislation and administrative law in Hawaii.

  • Insurance Regulatory Law

    "News, resources, articles, updates and commentary on insurance regulatory law and the impact of regulation on the insurance industry."


    This blawg "is devoted to recent developments and commentary on regulatory takings, eminent domain, inverse condemnation, property rights, and land use law."

  • ITC 337 Law Blog

    "Daily posting of interesting developments about new and pending Section 337 ITC investigations, litigation trends, statistics, practical insights into the Administrative Law Judges, and commentary on important ITC decisions."

  • Jotwell

    The blog's title stands for Journal of Things We Like (Lots). In posts, law professors evaluate the latest and greatest legal scholarship in their respective disciplines.

  • Land Use Law Blog

    Updates, developments and commentary on land use, environmental, and real estate law in California.

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