• The Jobless Juris Doctor

    "A blog to vent about the evils of the legal profession, the law school scam, and being jobless with a JD."

  • The Jobless Lawyer

    "This blog is an effort to chronicle my adventures in seeking a new job. My hope is that this blog will enlighten others who 1) are thinking of going into the legal field; 2) were similarly affected by the economic downturn; or 3) can find some humor in the misfortunes of life."

  • The Justice of the Peace [magistrate’s] Blog

    Posts include observations that focus on the "declining freedoms enjoyed by the ordinary citizen and a corresponding fear of the Big Brother state's ever increasing encroachment on civil liberties."

  • The LACBA Student Lounge Blog

    "Covers news and opinion about issues that are important to the law student and law school community in Southern California."

  • the last refuge of the persecuted crack smoker

    This blawgger "rants about law school, her life, random things she sees on the Internet, and anything else she deems worthy."

  • The Law Street Journal

    "A comprehensive resource managed by law students serving the needs of prospective and current students through the free exchange of knowledge and shared experiences."

  • The Leif Law Blog

    "The journey to law school."

  • The Magistrate’s Blog

    Provides the musings of an "English Magistrate."

  • The Mommy Blawg

    "The Intersection of Mommyhood and the Law."

  • The Namby Pamby

    "I get paid to dress pretty, go to court, and talk to crazy people. This is just one lawyer's approach to the practice of law." This personal injury lawyer logs in a few times a week to share laughs at the day-to-day of his job and his own inter­personal missteps.

  • The Online Lawyer

    Focuses on informational posts about legal forms, including warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds and advanced life deeds, a/k/a "Lady Bird Deeds" and other observations.

  • The Oratorical Snob

    "The rhetorical ramblings of a student."

  • The Privacy Law Site

    This is a blawg "devoted to privacy laws and regulations."

  • the rambling photos of a life lived

    This blawg is "an eclectic collection of thoughts, photos, real-life events, and commentary."

  • The Rural Bus Route

    Examines everything from the mundane to the daily practice life of a lawyer in North Dakota.

  • The Student Loan Consolidation Update

    The Student Loan Consolidation News Blog links to articles that help students and parents to stay up to date on student loan and loan consolidation news.

  • think like a woman ... act like a man

    Journal about the blogger's life and fledgling legal job. "How much of the blog is based in fact and how much of it is based in fiction is a finding of fact that you, the reader, must determine."

  • Traditional Notions

    "Truth, justice, and the search for a good subtitle" is the subtitle of this blawg by a "non-traditionally aged One-L." Wide-ranging discussion of legal issues apart from law school.

  • Trickum Legis

    "Content ranges from relevant legal issues in the law, issues involving school, humor with a legal twist and many other aspects of my daily life that I find relevant to the law."

  • Undercover Lawyer

    "What Your Boss Does Not Want You To Know ... ." Employment law information and employment litigation in the news.

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