• First World Lawyer Problems

    "Musings on the daily reality that is the life of an associate attorney."

  • Florida Animal Law

    This blawg covers issues and news related to animal law with a focus on Florida.

  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Go to Law School

    This tumblr uses animated GIFs to express angst about law school.

  • Fumare

    "Cutting-edge commentary by harmless, lovable Ave Maria School of Law alums!"


    "Devoted to bringing prison issues to light."

  • Hiring Partner’s Office

    The blog purports to be a useful resource for law students and others looking to land an offer at the firm of their choice.

  • i don’t wear skinny jeans

    "a twenty-something guy trying to make it ... from 0L to 3L."

  • I Fought the Law

    Features the musings of a Bay Area lawyer.

  • I Need the Work

    "After spending several months looking for work unsuccessfully, attempting to network face-to-face (also unsuccessfully), and applying for jobs that I am unqualified, underqualified, qualified, or overqualified for and not getting any interviews, I’ve decided to take a different approach. I will apply for at least one job a day. I’ll let my readers know about each job I apply for and will take suggestions about the next job I should apply for."

  • Impact Litigation Journal

    "Provides commentary and analysis about legal issues relating to class actions and other representative litigation in the areas of consumer and employment law."

  • Improvilaw

    "Improvident... Improvisational... Improper... Impatient... An impish law student tries to find a way to stay human in a situation that can be anything but humane." Wide-ranging discussion of law school issues and lifestyle and life in general.

  • In Re Burgers

    "Chicago Lawyers Judging Chicago Burgers." Posts reviews of cheeseburgers from a variety of Chicago restaurants.

  • Indian Corporate Law

    "A periodic review of topics of interest in corporate and business law that impact India."

  • IP Dragon

    "Gathering, commenting and sharing information about IP in China to make it more transparent, since 2005."

  • Ipse Dixit

    This blawgger discusses her daily life in law practice as well as law-related news events. She also shares images of works of art.

  • J.D. ... Actually

    "Neurotic law school grad assimilating into society, one day at a time."

  • JD Moms

    "The tales of our adventures balancing babies and the billable hour."

  • Juice, Justice & Corgis

    "Where commentary on celebrity legal entanglements meets all things criminal defense, race and social justice, with gratuitously cute corgi photos to brighten your day!"

  • Juris Epicurus

    Posts include illustrated recipes for "healthy meals that are relatively easy and inexpensive."

  • Just a Patent Examiner

    This blawg has observations about the patent application process and information about the Patent and Trademark Office.

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