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Lex Arbitri - The Indian Arbitration Blog

"The blog discusses developments in arbitration and related areas with a focus on India and other developing countries." Blog entries are also released as computer-voiced audio clips. A recent posts states that this group is also launching the Journal of Dispute Prevention and Resolution.

Loco Delictis

As the blawg puts it, "a 1L's strange and unusual adventures in law school."

LSAT Blog: Ace the LSAT

Specific tips related to the logic questions found on the LSAT and best practices as far as studying for the LSAT.

Magic Cookie

"Corporate lawyer by day, keeper of a small, rude, incontinent person by night."

Menage a Law

"Where great minds come together. A discussion of legal issues, often with a soundtrack." Posts cover the blogger's life and opinions and occasionally trials in the news.

Most Strongly Supported

"A collection of blogs written by LSAT instructors and law students. MSS covers application advice, relevant law-related news, features on particular LSAT questions, LSAT trends, videos, and law school insights." Posts here come from Infinite Loathing and LSAT Ninja, Killing One Bird with Two Stones.

Motherly Law

Discusses the legal aspects to parenting in general, and to child safety issues such as bullying and bike helmet laws. Posts a weekly "Motherly Advice" quote.

My So-Called Internet-Based Life

"Bits and bobs about law school, cooking and the rest of it"

My So-Called Law School

"A description of life and times at my so-called law school. Why "so-called"? Well, for starters, anyone who has ever at any point attended law school is aware of just how high schoolesque it can be. Think My So-Called Life or any other random teen drama show except much, MUCH worse. Secondly, the name of my law school shall never be mentioned in this blog. Ever. Enjoy!"

My So-Called Legal Life

"I’d like to think of this site as a forum for all you recent grads out there. I’m not here to give you career advice because, frankly, who I am to tell you what works when I’m in the same boat as you. However, I will share articles, things I'm doing, and thoughts that I’ve found useful while we take this time to figure out what’s next."

Mythago Performs a Blog Dance for Your Amusement

This blawg covers legal news, politics, feminism and writing.

Nearly Legal

Posts focus on cases and developments primarily having to do with legal aid and housing law in the U.K.

Negligent Gnomes

"After a few misguided attempts at the California Bar Exam, I'm trying something more civilized. Of course I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my life, which involves plenty of whining, crying, and gnashing of teeth." Now that cg-c has PASSED the bar, however, she is delighted to be focusing on the world of legal work.

Negligent Use of a Dangerous Mind

"How to balance law school with the fine art of procrastination."

Never Been Lived Before

"Adventures of a lesbian attorney superhero."

New York Paralegal Blog

"This blog is designed to bring you legal news from a New York paralegal’s perspective. I will be bringing you the latest news on lawsuits and settlements from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the federal court system. Additionally, I will write commentaries on today’s most controversial legal topics."

Nuts & Boalts

"Stories from the fruits and nuts of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall)." Posts cover issues relevant to law students at Berkeley and elsewhere and recent law graduates everywhere. Posts also take note of when Berkeley professors lend their expertise to the media.

Only 3 Years

"This is my tale from the trenches of law school."

Path of the Legal Ninja

"Path of the Legal Ninja is a blog/cartoon strip about the stressful, sometimes rewarding, and always ridiculous life of a new lawyer. It is a chronicle of the ups and down of the profession through the ongoing adventures of Legal Ninja and his arch nemesis, the evil "Doc" Review.... All drawings are from my magic marker board at my actual place of work. This is my life."

Peanut Butter Burrito

"I've got a baby girl, a trivia champ husband, a legal fellowship, a vegetarian kitchen, and a song in my heart. Most days."

"Let's be honest: You want to be me."

Preaching to the Choir

"My opinions are my own, but the world would be a better place if everybody agreed with me." Posts discuss constitutional and evidence issues in high-profile criminal trials.

Prosecutor’s Discretion

Posts cover criminal law issues and current events from the standpoint of a prosecutor, offer insight into the criminal justice system and trials and tell amusing court stories.


This blawg discusses work-life balance issues faced by parents in the workplace, highlights legal news stories, and covers other blogs and topics, not all of them law-related.

Public Defender Dude

Discussions by an "PD Dude" about legal strategy in important criminal cases throughout the nation.

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