Appellate Practice

  • 717 Madison Place

    "Focuses on oral arguments of patent appeals at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, as well as other patent-related topics. The judges often express their thoughts candidly during oral argument and the blog gives practitioners a unique insight into the thoughts of the various judges."

  • Abstract Appeal

    Abstract Appeal is devoted to Florida law and the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals based in Atlanta. "Generally, Abstract Appeal discusses, with perhaps a modicum of commentary, noteworthy decisions by Florida's appellate courts and the 11th Circuit. On a regular basis, Abstract Appeal also points out news and other items of interest relating to Florida law.

  • Alabama Appellate Watch

    News, cases and developments in Alabama appellate practice.

  • An Appeal to Reason

    "Using an appeal to reason, an appellate attorney speaks to trial attorneys."

  • Anglican Curmudgeon

    "Curmudgeonly comments on the current trials and tribulations of being in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion at the same time, with emphasis on canon law and litigation involving the Episcopal Church, on the interface between law and politics, and between religion and science."

  • Appealingly Brief!

    "Ruminations (brief and to the point) on the law and lawyering." Posts cover appellate cases in Connecticut and beyond, with a particular interest in Freedom of Information Act issues.

  • Appellate Daily

    "Appellate Daily has the latest news headlines from all thirteen federal appellate courts, along with judge spotlights, case analysis, and related commentary."

  • Appellate Law Blog

    "New Jersey (and other) appellate opinions and issues for Porzio, Bromberg."

  • appellatesquawk

    "Appeals with attitude." Most posts, sometimes illustrated, take a humorous look at criminal justice topics with a focus on New York.

  • Arbitration Nation

    Posts cover federal appellate court decisions (occasionally state court decisions as well) related to arbitration agreements and the Federal Arbitration Act.

  • Arkansas Criminal Appeals

    Discusses criminal court cases in front of the Arkansas Court of Appeals and Arkansas Supreme Court.


    "The focus of this blog is to provide relevant information and insight concerning decisions from Arkansas appellate courts and significant developments in appellate practice in Arkansas."

  • At the Lectern

    "News and commentary on the practice of law before the California Supreme Court," including summaries of the Court's conference reports.

  • Benchmarks

    "Pat scouts the U.S. Courts of Appeals, federal district courts and the appellate courts for all 50 states for key decisions that can help a lawyer win a case."

  • Bluhm Blog

    "Discussions on clinical education, justice and legal reform."

  • Briefly Writing

    "Focuses on issues related to writing of appellate briefs and complex trial court briefs."

  • Cal Biz Lit

    Discussion of trial law and legal issues of interest to business clients.

  • California Appeal

    Provides appellate advocacy tools, tips, resources and news, primarily for lawyers practicing in California

  • California Appellate Report

    "Thoughts on recent Ninth Circuit and California appellate cases."

  • California Business Litigation Blog

    Discussion of California case law and legal issues of interest to clients and practitioners.

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