101 Reasons to Kill All the Lawyers

Legal cartoons and commentary.

Amicae Curiae

"On the role of women in the law, in legal education, as students as academics, and within the legal profession, generally Australian focus, but some international content as well."

Australian Divorce Blog

A blog about family law and divorce in Australia.

Australian Estate Law Today

Blog discusses estate law in Australia. Recent entries include "Can Scandalous Words Be Removed From A Will After Death?", "Enduring Powers of Attorney - Financial Abuse" and "Disputes About Burial and Testamentary Capacity."

Australian Gay and Lesbian Blog

A blog about LGBT legal issues in Australia.

Australian Regulatory Compliance Review

Australian legal and regulatory impacts on businesses.

barnold law

"Irreverent critique of developments in European Union, U.S. and Australian 'new technology' law."

Business Law Today

The blog covers a variety of topics in Australian business law.


Intlawgrrls are "voices on international law, policy, practice." They "embrace foremothers' names to encourage crisp commentary, delivered at times with a dash of sass. We welcome replies, and we look forward to fresh dialogue on the matters of the day. It's our world, after all."

IP Think Tank

Rounds up global intellectual property news. Also found here is the IP Think Tank Podcast.

Lawrence Atkinson

Posts include Sydney job listings, promote the work of the blogger's employer, and cover the latest from Australia's Office of Legal Services Coordination.

Lovegrove Solicitors

Posts cover construction law topics with a focus on the Australian provinces of New South Wales and Victoria.

My Access Australia

Posts offer information and advise to those to want to prepare their own Australian visa applications and other topics related to Australian immigration law.


"Musings of an intellectual property lawyer, amateur farmer and heritage enthusiast." Discusses patent applications and decisions around the world.


Some posts answer questions from readers about Australian, New Zealand or international patent law or practice; other posts cover the European Parliament's actions related to patent law and patent litigation down under.

QLTS School

"For lawyers who are looking to dual-qualify as English solicitors through the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme conversion exam of the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England and Wales."

Risk Worldwide

Blog discusses risk management, asset protection, disaster response, civil litigation and insurance recovery.

Take The law…

Posts cover legal news in the Queensland, Australia area.

The Happy Family Lawyer

A blog covering the various aspects of divorce, both legal and personal.

Tips for Lawyers

Posts discuss strategies for young lawyers as far as their career moves within a law firm; marketing; and ensuring their clients pay their bills.

Visa Australia

The authors blog about immigration issues in Australia, offer advice and updates on how to obtain visas to the country and the changing policies regarding common issues such as residency, marriage and partner immigration. Some posts also address real estate and business law in Australia.