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Alexander Holburn Aviation Law Blog

"Covering Canadian aviation law topics including airlines, airports and airport security, Canadian Transportation Agency, flight schools, government regulations, transportation safety board and space law."

Aviation Law Blog | Clifford Law Offices

"Aviation-related news from around the country."

Aviation Law Discussions

"A site devoted to aviation law, safety and security."

Aviation Law Monitor

"Insight and commentary on aviation accidents and the law."

Aviation Law Prof Blog

A regularly-updated blawg featuring aviation law news and commentary.

Focus on Regulation

"Hogan Lovells' blog, Focus on Regulation, provides insights, analysis, and news about regulatory issues affecting a broad array of industries." Also has firm news.

Hightower | Angelley

Posts cover actions of the Federal Aviation Administration, commercial passenger airplane failures, and airline bankruptcy filings.


"A discussion of the regulations, policies and events that affect manufacturers of Federal Aviation Administration-approved aircraft parts. FAA-approved aircraft parts are manufactured in a highly regulated environment that is easily influenced by subtle nuances in government policy, so this blog pays particular attention to the regulations and laws that affect aviation."

Plane-ly Spoken

"Commentary on regulation and litigation impacting the aviation industry."

Ron’s Rants

Posts offer trial attorney Ronald L. M. Goldman's opinions and insight about safety and injury regulations, Supreme Court Rulings, news of prominent cases and more.

Space Thoughts

Posts focus on the legal and policy aspects of outer space development.

Space Travel Law News

The latest news, legal developments and trends having to do with commercial space flight.

The NV Flyer

Review of legal developments affecting airlines and travel agents.

Travel Blawg

Posts cover legal news related to transportation (with a focus on Illinois), tax issues related to travel expenses, and legal issues surrounding airport security.

UAV Patents, Patent Litigation and Patent Appeal(s) Weblog

"Unmanned aerial vehicles patent applications are covered."