Bankruptcy Law

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A Clean Slate—The Bankruptcy Law Blog

"A discussion of bankruptcy law and bankruptcy-related topics."

A Lawyer’s Blog - Jon Michael Probstein

Issues that affect residents in Nassau County and/or Long Island.

A Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog

Commentary on bankruptcy cases and rulings in Texas.

Agruss Chicago Consumer Law Blog

"Debt Collection law, helpful tips on how to stop robocalls, spam text messages, and debt help."

Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney Blog: Blogging About Bankruptcy in Arizona

"Just my perspective on insolvency during a depression."

Arizona Bankruptcy Beat

"A collection of blog postings that I have written based upon common questions I receive from clients and those I meet with in my office. My goal is to inform and educate those who are faced with the very difficult decision of filing for bankruptcy."

Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog

The blog discusses bankruptcy law news, reports and opinions in Arizona.

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney Blog

"Analyzes bankruptcy law cases, opinions and reports in Georgia."

Bankruptcy & Loan Modifications

Bankruptcy and debtor issues.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

This blawg provides "up-to-date information on bankruptcy, reorganization and creditors' rights."

Bankruptcy Beat

"Provides an inside view into the latest corporate bankruptcies, companies headed for trouble and emerging trends in bankruptcy law, distressed investing and corporate restructuring."

Bankruptcy Beat

"An inside look at companies in trouble." Posts cover U.S. bankruptcy courts as well as sales, settlements and other legal actions in ongoing bankruptcy cases.

Bankruptcy Blog NJ

"The Bankruptcy Blog NJ is dedicated to discussing all types of financial matters and difficulties, both for individuals and for businesses."

Bankruptcy FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Discussing the relative merits of Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and other related information.

Bankruptcy Law Insights

"Commentary and analysis on current events and issues in large and mid-market Chapter 11 cases."

Bankruptcy Law Network

Bankruptcy Law Network has information about bankruptcy laws and credit problems for the general public.

Bankruptcy Mastery

"A way to pass on my hard-won knowledge and understanding of the way things work in bankruptcy court." Posts cover consumer bankruptcy law.

Bankruptcy News & Opinion

Posts answer questions that a potential bankruptcy client might have.

Bankruptcy Soapbox

Rants and reflections about bankruptcy law, debt, credit and our society.

Bankruptcy, Consumer Rights, Social Security Disability, and Personal Injury Law

"Articles of interest largely related to the economic well-being and rights of individuals and families."


"The blog explains the mysteries of bankruptcy law to real estate and acquisition lawyers. Understanding the treatment of real estate issues in bankruptcy and the unique aspects of buying assets out of bankruptcy can be invaluable in counseling clients and developing strategies."

Basis Points

"Provides context and offers fresh (if irreverent) commentary on developments in today's restructuring, distressed debt and new investment markets." It also offers "a new haiku or other short poem each week on negotiations and lawyering."

Bay Area Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog

"Commentary from the perspective of a consumer debtors' attorney concerning Chapter 7 and 13 practice, credit and banking and the housing crisis with special emphasis on bankruptcy in the San Francisco Bay Area."

Beyond the Fine Print

"A blog about legal issues faced by businesses and individuals."

Bond & Botes Law Blog

Posts discuss questions that individuals considering filing for bankruptcy might have.

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