Bankruptcy Law

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Less than the Least

"We are both law professors and evangelical Protestants—a weird combination in our time. We hope it’s also an interesting combination. We plan to write about the things that interest us, professionally and personally: crime and criminal justice (Stuntz), corporate governance, credit, and bankruptcy (Skeel), the culture wars, politics, literature and the arts, and other topics."

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Law Monitor

"We monitor consumer bankruptcy law as it applies to our clients in the Central District of California and the Ninth Circuit. We provide useful information to the public regarding consumer rights and protection under the Bankrutptcy Code."

Mankato Bankruptcy Lawyers

"A non-legalese blog for the average consumer going through financial problems."

Matthew R. Harris’s Law Blog

Posts cover bankruptcy law in Canada.

McFarland Pyle & Stone

"Designed to help Colorado's consumers and small businesses find a fresh start in a downturn economy." Posts answer frequently asked questions about bankruptcy and provide a glossary of bankruptcy terms.

Miami Florida Bankruptcy Law

This blawg covers bankruptcy-related court decisions in Florida and elsewhere.

Michael Rice Law

"Updates on interesting consumer bankruptcy cases around the country."

Missouri Bankruptcy Blog

"Covering consumer bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and 13 topics."

Mitchell & Culp

"Timely information for those heading towards bankruptcy or credit issues to those who wish to avoid them with foresight."

Montvale Legal Counsel

Posts cover topics in family law and bankruptcy in Massachusetts.

Mortgage Crisis Watch

"Business and legal issues affecting loan repurchases, mortgage-backed securities, and mortgage insurance."

Nahoum Law

A blog covering consumer law, debt collection issues and credit law.

Nancy Rapoport’s Blogspot

Nancy Rapoport's Blogspot has information about "all sorts of things—governance in higher education and in law firms, bankruptcy ethics, popular culture and the law, Enron and other corporate fiascos, professional responsibility generally, movies, ballroom and Latin dancing" and anything else that gets the author's attention.

National Bankruptcy Forum

National Bankruptcy Forum is a blog clearinghouse featuring contributing bankruptcy attorneys from across the country.

netDockets Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy Blog

"Leading source for daily news regarding major corporate bankruptcies and corporate reorganizations."

New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer

The blogger answers questions regarding bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and foreclosures.

New Jersey Foreclosure Blog

"Enforcement of mortgages through judicial foreclosure is on the rise, especially in New Jersey, as the current economic environment has compelled commercial lenders to look to collateral for recovery on defaulted loans. Join our team as they examine the nuances of New Jersey foreclosure law and procedure and analyze its financial and social impacts."

New York Debt Relief Blog

“Our debt relief blog provides easy to read information regarding bankruptcy and other debt relief options. We also provide insight and commentary on current developments in the scope of student loans and other major regulatory updates.”

Nolo’s Bankruptcy, Debt & Foreclosure Blog

A plain-English approach to bankruptcy law.

Northern Michigan Bankruptcy

"News and information about bankruptcy and consumer law in Northern Michigan."

Northwest Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney

Discusses bankruptcy and foreclosures, specifically in Georgia.

Oak View Law Group Blog

Posts discuss bankruptcy, debt-consolidation options and audits.

Pennsylvania & New Jersey Bankruptcy Blog

A blog detailing the bankruptcy process for consumers and other topics related to bankruptcy.

Phoenix Bankruptcy Law Blog

Posts provide legal information for individuals who are considering filing for bankruptcy.

Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Law

Posts are consumer oriented and focus on bankruptcy law and procedures.

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