Business Law

In the (Red) The Business Bankruptcy Blog

"We all know that when a business files bankruptcy, the impact on vendors, customers, and others can be immediate and disruptive. The In The (Red) blog was launched in the summer of 2006 as a way for CEOs, CFOs, boards of directors, credit professionals, in-house counsel and others to stay informed about important business bankruptcy issues and developments."


“Advice for starting a Delaware business.”

Indiana Intellectual Property Law News

"A resource for attorneys and litigants with patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and related interests in Indiana and nationally." One feature is a monthly post listing the patents awarded to Indiana companies.

InfoSecCompliance Blog

A blog exploring the integration of legal, security/privacy and risk management disciplines, and finding solutions for managing information security and privacy risks.

Insurance Regulatory Law

"News, resources, articles, updates and commentary on insurance regulatory law and the impact of regulation on the insurance industry."

International Business Law Advisor

"Trends in international business law. Posts cover emerging issues in China, Europe and other regions dealing with the United States."

International Economic Law and Policy

"The site is intended to be of use to anyone around the world who is interested in trade law issues. We have tried to develop features that appeal to a wide variety of people who might be interested in trade law, including: trade lawyers in private practice; government officials and employees of international organizations; professors and students; trade policy experts; think tanks; and nongovernmental organizations."

International Trade Law News

"News, analysis and information on export controls, customs law, anti-dumping law and other international trade issues."

Internet Law and Business Blog

"Focuses on business law and online marketing."

inVigor Law Group Blog

"Presents practical advice, commentary, and legal know-how for business owners and entrepreneurs."

Iowa Law Blog

Posts focus on business law, employment law, estate planning, family law and regulatory law in Iowa.

J. Paye in Brief

"Provides a legal perspective on entertainment and current event topics."

Kravitz & Guerra, PA - bLAWg

Posts cover immigration law and legal information of interest to small-business owners.

Labor & Employment Law Perspectives

"Labor and employment issues are top-of-mind for executives as they come to terms with the realities of our changed economy. Labor & Employment Law Perspectives is your online resource for information on evolving issues."

Law & Beyond

"Legal news and analysis of current U.S. and foreign events." Discusses financial, international and corporate law.

Law & Industry Daily

"Reports on U.S. civil courts, government regulation and public policy."

Law + Informatics Institute

"Law and regulation affecting information, media and data."

Law Blog—Share Your Thoughts!

"This is a blog of legal issues and discussions from my law firm and in general. Open to comments—share your opinion, and even get a legal opinion or two ..."

Legal Services Incorporated

Posts cover immigration law as it relates to employers and entrepreneurs and other business law topics.


"An Internet-based news wire dedicated to 24/7 coverage of state supreme courts and state attorneys general. Our focus: cases and actions that portend to have an impact on business—whether directly or eventually, once they've meandered their way through our justice system. Oft-overlooked state courts and attorneys general have a far-reaching impact on the ever-changing legal landscape for corporate executives."

Libation Law Blog

"News and commentary on the law and legal topics in the alcoholic beverages industry."

Litigation Brief

"News and information on commercial litigation developments in Canada."

Los Angeles Business Litigation Blog

This blog is written "from the perspective of someone aiming to enter the legal conversation occurring online surrounding the following:

• The intersection of individual rights and the internet, e.g., privacy, free speech, and defamation
• Intellectual property rights and peer2peer filesharing;
• Operating systems, e.g., Linux and Mac OS X
• Software licensing
• Open source software & open source software-based business models
• Leveraging open source technology to serve clients more effectively while maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics and responsibility."

Louisiana Law Blog

The Louisiana Law Blog has "insight and information on Louisiana law, litigation and legal culture."

Minnesota Litigator

Posts cover interesting new litigation filed and opinions handed down in federal and state courts in Minnesota, and the author includes his own thoughts and predictions. "Noteworthy events for bench and bar" as well as issues likely to have an effect on law practice in Minnesota are also covered.