Business of Law

  • Ernie the Attorney

    This blog mixes personal musings with takes on law and politics.

  • Family Lawyer Tech & Practice

    Posts are directed at family law practitioners who want to work more efficiently by taking advantage of the technological tools that are available.

  • FutureLawyer

    The FutureLawyer experiments and tests all sorts of techno gadgets, software and screens so you don’t have to. Most of his tech reviews are in the context of law practice, explaining how technology can ease practice burdens and improve productivity. The blog uses humor and attitude to provide information to lawyers about how to be more productive in their practices with the use of technology. Some off-topic posts cover the Redskins.

  • Global Legal

    "Highlights topics relevant to legal practitioners at western corporations and law firms who are interested in legal process globalization and outsourcing. Some posts may also provide useful insights for global legalization and legal process outsourcing vendors. In addition, some posts may highlight the activities of Red Bridge Strategy Inc. and the personal causes and interests of Matthew Sullivan."

  • Going Solo | How to Start a Law Firm

    "Advice on starting and building a law practice."

  • Good2bSocial

    "Insights and analysis on the use of social media and social technologies by law firms."

  • Groklaw

    Groklaw covers legal news of interest to the free software and open source community, such as the SCO litigation regarding Linux. Additionally, the site offers attorneys technical advice. Any attorney can submit technical questions that they might need to understand to be able to handle a deposition, for example, of an expert.

  • Have Gavel Will Travel

    Blog discusses the work of private judges, specifically regarding divorce in California. "Useful comments on doing a divorce."

  • Hearsay Culture

    This blawg is dedicated to the KZSU-FM (Stanford University) radio interview show and podcast Hearsay Culture, “an interview talk show that focuses on the intersection of technology and society. How is our world impacted by the great technological changes taking place? Each week, a different sphere is explored.”

  • Hildebrandt Institute

    "The source for legal industry news, market trends and Hildebrandt Institute events."

  • How to Manage a Small Law Firm

    "Dedicated to liberating lawyers in small law firms. ... Post comments. Ask questions. Challenge what I have to say. Share any great resources that you think will help the solos and lawyers in small firms to generate more business and/or manage our small law firms more profitably. No one with a relevant comment or constructive criticism will be excuded!"

  • Howling Point

    This blawg comments on politics, technology, law practice and life.

  • Idealawg

    A look at the world of law and lawyers from many directions. Idealawg contains articles and advice about professional development and self-improvement.

  • In Black & White

    "Commonsense strategies for growing your legal practice."

  • In Search of Perfect Client Service

    "Cutting-edge and insightful blog on providing the highest level of client service in the legal industry. Lamb touches upon all aspects of client service including firm management, industry culture and issues from an in-house perspective."

  • Information Intersection

    "This site connects the legal issues arising from considerations of privacy, data security, information technology, outsourcing, e-commerce, the Internet and social media, cloud computing, information management and e-discovery."

  • Inside Privacy

    Posts cover governmental regulations in the United States and Europe regarding privacy and data security.

  • InsideLegal

    "In addition to information on industry events, publications and personalities, focuses on legal technology industry market research and trends. "

  • Integreon Blog

    "Provides news and insight regarding trends, technologies, and current events of interest to in-house and outside counsel and legal support professionals."

  • Internet For Lawyers

    "The blog covers free and low-cost investigative and background research resources on the Internet that are available to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. We also cover search engine search tips with a focus on Google and its features, functions and productivity tools."

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