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Disability Blog

Is meant to provide news, information support and resources for disability and SSI claimants.

DUI Blog

"Drunken-driving laws, law enforcement and legal procedures, blood-alcohol science and evidence, constitutional issues, and the politics of DUI."

DUI Blogger

This legal blog covers DUI law, policy and science. Topics included are DUI legislation, DUI consequences, and celebrity DUI arrests.

e-Discovery Insights

"Insights—with an emphasis on facilitating the relationship between legal and technology professionals." Posts cover Internet law cases of interest and discuss e-discovery and the author's general thoughts about the use of social media.

Employment Law Blog

Discussion of federal, state and local employment laws and legal issues.

Employment Law Blog: Hennig Ruiz

An employment law blog from the experienced Los Angeles employment attorneys of Hennig Ruiz.

En Banc

"Features opinionated but civil coverage of legal news, tips, and decisions as well as news with a local, practical focus for Los Angeles lawyers. It is a blog for lawyers by lawyers."

Energy Legal Blog

"Resource for updates and analysis on national and regional energy issues."

Enlightened Divorce Blog

"This divorce blog is intended to offer solutions to situations that people commonly encounter in relationship breakup anywhere in California. My vision is larger than simply to attract clients to our family law firm, although that is my desire too. I hope to help demystify the law and the procedures surrounding family court litigation. I also want to share client and interest's centered peacemaking and mediation philosophies and pointers, and to explore the best current practices in the mental health sciences that might apply to your circumstances."

Environmental Law & Climate Change

An occasional environmental legal news podcast.

Ernst Law Group Blog

The blog offers definitions and information about different conditions and injuries, including advice to potential clients on how to file a claim.

Estey Bomberger

Posts cover personal injury cases in California.

Family Law Blog

"Providing insight into the tumultuous world of family law."

Family Law Guy

"California family law news, views and ruminations."

Family Lawyer Blog

Blog discusses divorce, child custody and support, alimony, visitation, domestic partnerships and other family law issues, specifically in California.

Fashion & Apparel Law

This blawg covers legal issues facing the fashion, apparel and textile industries.

For the Bettor Good

"For the Bettor Good is devoted to clear and honest discussion of internet gaming policy. We are focused on the American federal and state governments but occasionally will cover policy developments in foreign jurisdictions if important lessons can be learned. Our goal is to provide easy access to the discussion by guiding readers to legislation, regulatory drafts, testimony, and other relevant public records. We also try to provide objective overviews of legislative proposals and their potential effects."


Posts for the most part take on the current presidential administration's economic policy and occasionally music or film.

From BigLaw to Freelance Law

"A blog about Montage Legal Group's network of freelance attorneys, who chose flexibility and balance over firm life."

Geller, Conrad, Duvel

Posts discuss employment and business law issues impacting California residents.

Ginny H.K. Walia, Esq.

Blog discusses criminal defense and personal injury news items, particularly car accidents.

GJEL Accident Attorneys’ Blog

"We follow a variety of issues related to safe city streets and highways here in the Bay Area and throughout California. Most recently, we have focused a lot on distracted driving, teen driver safety, and pedestrian/bicycle programs to keep people safe."

Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer

Discussion of personal injury law and legal issues, with focus on California.

Global General Counsel

Posts cover court opinions and news related to intellectual property as well as the author's speaking engagements.

Governing Through Crime

News about security measures, crime, sentencing and prisons (with a particular focus on California), and thoughts about crime's powerful impact on political strategies and how governments spend the taxpayers' money.

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