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California Bankruptcy Blog

Posts give information and tips on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and debt-related issues. Topics include creditor calls, foreclosure, repossession, garnishments and debt.

California Bankruptcy Blog

"News and commentary on current issues in the law of business and personal bankruptcy."

California Business Law Blog

"Blog ... offering occasional news and information regarding California small business, employment, incorporation, business entities, estate planning / wills and trusts, intellectual property, and entertainment law."

California Business Lawyer Blog

"Provides opinion on business law news, cases and reports in California."

California Business Litigation Blog

Discussion of California case law and legal issues of interest to clients and practitioners.

California Civil Litigation

A blawg about recent decisions by the California courts that are of interest to the civil litigation practitioner.

California Civil Litigation Blog

"Focusing on civil litigation and insurance law in California."

California Civil Litigation Quote of the Week

"My favorite quote from the previous week, selected from a case summarized on my California Civil Litigation blog."

California Class Action Law

"California Class Action Law follows and analyzes daily developments in California class-action law and national class-action news."

California Collection Attorney

Posts are aimed at ways to improve business collections.

California Condo & HOA Law

Covers news, issues and legal developments related to California condos and homeowner associations.

California Construction Law Blog

"Construction law information from the Golden State."

California Consumer Finance Litigation

"Reporting on recent developments and providing analysis of important finance topics related to banking, credit cards, mortgages, and consumer finance statutes and regulations."

California Corporate & Securities Law

Posts cover developments in corporate and securities law—mostly the latest in California, but also federal law.

California Credit Law Blog

Information and discussion of legal issues concerning consumer credit and how it is calculated.

California Criminal Attorney Blog

California crime stories in the news.

California Criminal Defense Blog

A California criminal defense blawg focusing on drug crimes, criminal defense, white-collar crimes, drunken driving and sex crimes.

California Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Covers news and events dealing with criminal defense in California.

California Criminal Lawyer Blog

Covers California criminal defense law, including news and events dealing with drug smuggling, DUI and murder.

California Criminal Lawyer Blog

"Examines criminal law cases, news and reports in California."

California Crminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Crime and courts news with a focus on Southern California.

California Debt Blog

Features news and information for consumers about debt collection and dealing with debt collectors and the debt collection industry.

California Defamation Law Blog

"The purpose of my blog is to educate (and occasionally entertain) you in the area of California defamation law, obviously."

California Divorce and Family Law

Provides insights into the law of divorce and family law matters.

California Divorce Blawg

"California Divorce is your source for news and information about divorce, particularly California divorce."

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