• The Public Blawg

    This blawg covers court decisions and other news relevant to the practice of public law. It also provides information about law conferences and links to recently issued government documents.

  • The Reeves Law Group

    California personal injury and product liability cases in the news.

  • The Trademark Lawyer’s Mind

    Posts feature developments in trademark and intellectual property law.

  • The UCL Practitioner

    This blawg is focused on California's Unfair Competition Law and class actions.

  • Trademark Sentinel Blog

    "This blog is geared to many of the fundamentals of trademark practice as well as some of the more interesting and recent developments and nuances in the field of trademark law." Most of the posts are written for trademark applicants, with advice on the process.

  • Traffic Accident News and Advice Blog

    Traffic accident injury lawyer John Bisnar discusses California traffic laws and traffic accidents.

  • Trial Insider

    Posts cover trials and decisions (mostly civil) from the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and federal courts in Northern California.

  • U.S. (American) Income Tax for Expatriates & U.S. International Tax Matters

    "Latest developments and observations on US expatriate, international and nonresident taxation."

  • Valley Lawyer Marketing

    Posts about internet marketing for lawyers in Southern California, reviews of California law firms' websites and legal news from California.

  • Visa Lawyer Blog

    About immigration law.

  • Wage & Hour Defense Blog

    News and analysis of key developments in wage and hour law, especially in California.

  • Wage Law

    "The California Wage And Hour Law Weblog." Discussion of wage and hour legal issues, law and legislation under California and federal law.

  • What’s New in Employment Law?

    Employment law developments, particularly in California.

  • Who’s the Boss?

    "Focuses on the many unique issues facing California employers."

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