"Discussing the latest developments in personal injury, insurance law and health and safety."

  • Res Ipsa Loquitur

    "A Canadian law blog focusing on recent developments in civil litigation and general interest law topics."

  • Robichaud’s Criminal Law Blog

    Posts include information about criminal defense cases and news that inform readers about the details of criminal defense in Canada.

  • Rule of Law

    Rule of Law is written by a Canadian lawyer who posts about trusts and estates issues he encounters in his practice, as well as other legal issues that interest him. Canadian Supreme Court rulings are often discussed.

  • Saxe Envirolaw News

    News and analysis of environmental cases, legislation and policy proposals in Ontario and across Canada.

  • Securities Mining Law

    "Updates and opinions on securities law affecting the mining industry in Canada."

  • Sergio R. Karas Canada Immigration Blog

    "News and commentary on Canadian immigration law issues, case law and policy by one of Canada's most prominent immigration lawyers."

  • Sexual Abuse Claims Blog

    Sex abuse cases involving religious leaders, with a focus on Canada.

  • Shaunna Mireau on Canadian Legal Research

    Tips on Canadian legal research.

  • Slaw

    A blog by and for the legal research and IT community in Canada. The name "Slaw" was chosen in deference to Salon and Slate and because "there's the notion that a cooperative weblog with many contributors is bound to consist of a great many (nutritious) small pieces in rather a jumble."

  • Tax Litigation

    "Keeping an eye on Canadian tax litigation developments."

  • techblawg

    "Focuses primarily on issues involving the intersection of law, technology and finance."

  • The Court

    "The online resource for data and debate about the Supreme Court of Canada."

  • The Cross-Border Biotech Blog

    "Biotechnology, health and business in Canada, the United States and worldwide."

  • The Ontario Condo Law Blog

    "Timely and topical information, news and commentary to inform and enlighten members of the condominium community in the province of Ontario. Property managers, condominium directors, unit owners and others should stay tuned to our blog for commentary on recent and developing trends, digests of recent court decisions, condo-related news from around the province and around the world, and more!"

  • The Patent Librarian’s Notebook

    Chronicles news and issues involving patents in the United States, Europe and Japan.

  • The Precedent Blog

    "News. Gossip. Comments. Amusement." This is the blawg of the Ontario, Canada, quarterly "law and style" magazine Precedent. Posts on legal news stories in the U.S. and Canada as well as weekly installments on fashion and wine.

  • The Sports Law Canary

    "Sports law news, views, articles and cases from around the world."

  • The Trial Warrior Blog

    "Strategic blogging about law and justice."

  • The Visalaw International Blog

    Immigration news and legislation from outside the United States.

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