• LegalJob

    "LegalJob is intended to provide practical advice for current law school students and law firm associates. LegalJob will focus on guidance for maximizing performance while in law school, securing the dream (or any) law firm job, excelling as an associate, and moving on the fast track to making partner. LegalJob will feature guest posts from successful practitioners at small, medium and large firms, attorneys who have started their own firms, and professors at the nation's top law schools."

  • Legally Blind

    Blog interviews employed attorneys to ask advice on job-hunting. "Interviews will mainly be conducted on attorneys who have only been practicing for 5 years or less, to gain an understanding of the best ways to navigate a job search through this poor economy."

  • Legally Mom

    "Follow the adventures of 'law mom' as she tries to conquer being a wife, mother and attorney all at once. Who hasn't gone to court covered in spit-up at least once?"

  • Leopard Hot Spot and Law Blog

    "Focuses on law firm hiring and business issues. Articles are targeted to attorneys, law students and legal recruiters."

  • Life at the Bar

    This blawg addresses strategies that lawyers can use in their professional development, business development, career management, and work/life balance.

  • LLM Insider

    "Updates for future and current LLM students to be better informed before, during and after taking an LLM program."

  • Louisiana Civil Appeals

    Includes the lawyer-author's "off-the-cuff opinions" on topics that include current affairs, depression, legal research and books.

  • LSAT Blog: Ace the LSAT

    Specific tips related to the logic questions found on the LSAT and best practices as far as studying for the LSAT.

  • Luis Villa

    "Ramblings on software, law, and the spaces in between."

  • Magic Cookie

    "Corporate lawyer by day, keeper of a small, rude, incontinent person by night."

  • Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

    Topics cover issues of interest to continuing legal education presenters and providers, attorneys and other CLE professionals.

  • Mark Gordon

    This is the blog of the Dean of The University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.

  • Marketing Strategy and the Law

    Posts cover the use of social media for business-generation purposes, law practice management issues and the author's takes on work/life balance. The blog also hosts a "Weekly Voir Dire: Conference Call" at noon ET every Friday for those who register.

  • Mendelson’s Musings

    "Tales from a VC and recovering drummer, software guy, lawyer." Jason Mendelson takes on law firm management strategies from the perspective of an in-house counsel (and onetime BigLaw associate).

  • Mommy Madness

    "Life and times of a working mother." Among her posts are her "Lawliss" podcasts.

  • MoneyLaw

    "The art of winning an unfair academic game."

  • Mootus Blog

    "Make good law."

  • Motherly Law

    Discusses the legal aspects to parenting in general, and to child safety issues such as bullying and bike helmet laws. Posts a weekly "Motherly Advice" quote.

  • Ms.JD

    "Serving women in law school and the legal profession, Ms. JD is an online community that provides a forum for dialogue and networking among women lawyers and aspiring lawyers." The blawg features issues relating to the numbers of women who opt out of the legal profession and the poor representation of women in the courts and legal community. The site also addresses the role of gender in legal careers.

  • My So-Called Legal Life

    "I’d like to think of this site as a forum for all you recent grads out there. I’m not here to give you career advice because, frankly, who I am to tell you what works when I’m in the same boat as you. However, I will share articles, things I'm doing, and thoughts that I’ve found useful while we take this time to figure out what’s next."

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