• Never Been Lived Before

    "Adventures of a lesbian attorney superhero."

  • New Jersey Appellate Law

    "Focusing on New Jersey appeals, appellate law, and appellate practice, particularly regarding decisions and other actions of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals." Written for an audience of lawyers.

  • News for the Mormon Legal Community

    "Providing practicing attorneys, law students, and pre-law students with the latest in the market."

  • NWSidebar

    Posts are "focused on creating a welcoming, useful, dynamic and engaging communications forum that attracts contributors and readers. We hope to create a sense of community among blog contributors and readers, and provide an opportunity for more organic, member-driven content and interaction on an ongoing basis."

  • On Being a Black Lawyer

    "A place where African-American attorneys and law students can gather to network, disseminate information and poke fun."

  • On the Record

    "A quirky perspective on life in the final year of law school, 'barzam' preparations, jobs, and other humorous pursuits."

  • Open Minded

    Blog posts discuss diversity in the legal profession.

  • ParalegalGateway’s Weblog

    "Paralegals in the news and other stuff."

  • Patent Law Jobs by Patently-O

    "Employers post patent-related jobs; job-seekers find patent-related jobs."

  • Path of the Legal Ninja

    "Path of the Legal Ninja is a blog/cartoon strip about the stressful, sometimes rewarding, and always ridiculous life of a new lawyer. It is a chronicle of the ups and down of the profession through the ongoing adventures of Legal Ninja and his arch nemesis, the evil "Doc" Review.... All drawings are from my magic marker board at my actual place of work. This is my life."

  • Patrick J. McKenna

    "Law firm leadership rants, raves, rebuttals, reflections, revelations and ruminations." Posts focus on the strategic decisions facing the managing partners of large law firms.

  • Peanut Butter Burrito

    "I've got a baby girl, a trivia champ husband, a legal fellowship, a vegetarian kitchen, and a song in my heart. Most days."

  • Perspective, Burton

    "Nuggets that guide, inspire, entertain and educate (at least me)."

  • Practical Paralegalism

    "Celebrates the contributions of paralegals and legal assistants across the country (as well as sharing a few cautionary tales). Shares current paralegal news, original news articles, practice tips and networking ideas. News submissions from legal professionals and associations relating to the paralegal profession are welcome."

  • Premier Leadership Coaching

    Blog discusses leadership and management skills.

  • Professional Responsibility Blog

    "Commentary and news updated daily on issues related to legal ethics, professional responsibility, legal malpractice and lawyering in general."

  • PT-LawMom

    This blawg discusses work-life balance issues faced by parents in the workplace, highlights legal news stories, and covers other blogs and topics, not all of them law-related.

  • PunditMom

    Observations and commentary from a wannabe pundit and "recovering" attorney in the shadow of the nation's capital.

  • Raising the Bar Blog

    Blog is intended for lawyers and accountants, and deals with business networking and development.

  • Real Life Practice

    This blawg provides general advice about rainmaking, productivity and work-life balance and alerts readers to relevant books and news articles.

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