• Perspective, Burton

    "Nuggets that guide, inspire, entertain and educate (at least me)."

  • Practical Paralegalism

    "Celebrates the contributions of paralegals and legal assistants across the country (as well as sharing a few cautionary tales). Shares current paralegal news, original news articles, practice tips and networking ideas. News submissions from legal professionals and associations relating to the paralegal profession are welcome."

  • Premier Leadership Coaching

    Blog discusses leadership and management skills.

  • Professional Responsibility Blog

    "Commentary and news updated daily on issues related to legal ethics, professional responsibility, legal malpractice and lawyering in general."

  • PT-LawMom

    This blawg discusses work-life balance issues faced by parents in the workplace, highlights legal news stories, and covers other blogs and topics, not all of them law-related.

  • PunditMom

    Observations and commentary from a wannabe pundit and "recovering" attorney in the shadow of the nation's capital.

  • Raising the Bar Blog

    Blog is intended for lawyers and accountants, and deals with business networking and development.

  • Real Life Practice

    This blawg provides general advice about rainmaking, productivity and work-life balance and alerts readers to relevant books and news articles.

  • RealPractice Blog

    Posts primarily focus on RealPractice's services for law firms. Other topics include search-term optimization, social media and networking.

  • Reid My Blog!

    "Furthering innovation in management, governance, and ethics for lawyers and their firms." Topics include pro bono work, data mining, technology tips and an annual gift-giving guide for lawyers.

  • Resumé Launchpad

    "Provides helpful tips on applying to law firm jobs for entry-level attorneys, law students, and paralegals. Also news and status for updates to Resumé Launchpad."

  • Rifkin Consulting

    Posts answer career-related questions that a practicing attorney might have, encourage attorneys seeking a job change to work with a recruiter and offer tips on business cards and resumes.

  • Rip Van Legal

    "I worked in law enforcement for about fifteen years before becoming a lawyer. Carried a badge, gun and everything. This pretty much means I have some of the most hilarious professional experiences that anyone could imagine. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up, but you can write about it."

  • Rock the Boat

    "Musings about the law and stuff."

  • Shatterbox

    "Shares and promotes ideas, insights and actionable advice on law firm marketing in the Social Media Age."

  • She Thinks

    "Provides resources, inspiration and amusement to women and men who have an interest in developing and supporting leading lawyer ladies. The site includes links to reviewed sites, helpful resources and commentary." The blogger also notes "that the most common Google search that brings readers to this site involve some variation of 'what should a female lawyer wear to work?' " and she posts on that topic as well.

  • Shelley’s Case

    "Observations about the legal profession."

  • Simmons Perrine

    News about members of the Simmons Perrine law firm.

  • Sololawyer

    "Strategies and support for solo attorneys."

  • Spilled Milk

    Most posts are about motherhood, but the blogger also writes about balancing her billable hours with her son's needs.

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