• The 6Ps of the BIG 3

    Posts offer advice on how lawyers can use social media to help them find jobs.

  • The Am Law Daily

    Churns out original BigLaw coverage from dawn to dusk every business day, and they also never fail to focus on how national and world news might affect the Am Law 200. Posts cover law firm news, new litigation (with a focus on the firms involved), as well as major federal and state court rulings.

  • The Bar Exam Project

    "Like many of you reading this, I made a promise with my god that if I passed, I would help others pass the California Bar Exam. This is my way of doing it. Through this blog, I will help answer questions, examine a few exams and attempt to calm the mass hysterics."

  • The Careerist

    The blog has a stated goal of being a "career sherpa" for its readers. Some posts give advice to those who seek success in BigLaw or at least news about BigLaw hiring trends; other posts focus on women in the law and work-life balance issues.

  • The Creative Lawyer

    Practical ideas about creating a fulfilling life and career.

  • The Esquirette

    "A Philly-based resource for women with conservative careers. Features include fashion tips, law school and career advice, inspiration and news."

  • The Estrin Report

    "Created for professional paralegals—not of a certain level, specialty or firm—but of a particular attitude."

  • The Gavel: From the MSBA Young Lawyers Section

    Discusses business of law and law practice management issues.

  • The Girl’s Guide to Law School

    The author draws on her own experiences and interviews with experts to give law students concrete suggestions on how they can handle their present course loads and plan for their futures.

  • The Hildebrandt Blog

    "As consultants to the legal industry (both law firms and law departments), we are constantly thinking, speaking, and writing about how the legal profession is changing and what the future might hold. We've started this blog as a more informal way to share our thoughts, impressions, and predictions with interested readers."

  • The ICC Law Blawg

    "Education, employment and career-related news for the paralegal students of Illinois Central College and the paralegal professionals of central Illinois."

  • The Intelligent Challenge

    Posts discuss personal and professional development, client relationships, strategies for law firms and the Zen mindset.

  • The Jobless Juris Doctor

    "A blog to vent about the evils of the legal profession, the law school scam, and being jobless with a JD."

  • The Jobless Lawyer

    "This blog is an effort to chronicle my adventures in seeking a new job. My hope is that this blog will enlighten others who 1) are thinking of going into the legal field; 2) were similarly affected by the economic downturn; or 3) can find some humor in the misfortunes of life."

  • the last refuge of the persecuted crack smoker

    This blawgger "rants about law school, her life, random things she sees on the Internet, and anything else she deems worthy."

  • The Legal Pioneer

    "This blog is meant to chronicle the rise of law-related startups and other innovative legal solutions that will afford people more access to justice."

  • The Legal Watercooler

    Posts jump in the blogosphere's conversation about law firm marketing hits and misfires.

  • The Mommy Blawg

    "The Intersection of Mommyhood and the Law."

  • The Nutmeg Lawyer

    "A blawg discussing the daily trials and tribulations of law practice." Posts cover practice advice, marketing tips, and legal news.

  • The Paralegal Mentor

    "Dedicated to helping paralegals reach their professional goals while striking balance in their personal lives."

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