• The Intelligent Challenge

    Posts discuss personal and professional development, client relationships, strategies for law firms and the Zen mindset.

  • The Jobless Juris Doctor

    "A blog to vent about the evils of the legal profession, the law school scam, and being jobless with a JD."

  • The Jobless Lawyer

    "This blog is an effort to chronicle my adventures in seeking a new job. My hope is that this blog will enlighten others who 1) are thinking of going into the legal field; 2) were similarly affected by the economic downturn; or 3) can find some humor in the misfortunes of life."

  • the last refuge of the persecuted crack smoker

    This blawgger "rants about law school, her life, random things she sees on the Internet, and anything else she deems worthy."

  • The Legal Pioneer

    "This blog is meant to chronicle the rise of law-related startups and other innovative legal solutions that will afford people more access to justice."

  • The Legal Watercooler

    Posts jump in the blogosphere's conversation about law firm marketing hits and misfires.

  • The Mommy Blawg

    "The Intersection of Mommyhood and the Law."

  • The Nutmeg Lawyer

    "A blawg discussing the daily trials and tribulations of law practice." Posts cover practice advice, marketing tips, and legal news.

  • The Paralegal Mentor

    "Dedicated to helping paralegals reach their professional goals while striking balance in their personal lives."

  • The People’s Therapist

    "A therapist's take on life, the world, you and me." The author reflects on his own entry into and "escape" from law practice to counsel readers struggling with their decisions to enter law school or law practice. He also sometimes posts video responses to questions from readers on these subjects—and sometimes, he just writes more generally about mental health topics.

  • The Posse List

    "Your source for news, commentary and trends in the contract legal market."

  • The PSLawNet Blog

    "A vehicle for PSLawNet to share news, job-seeking resources, and original content with law students and lawyers on public service career paths, and with career services professionals at law schools."

  • The Rainmaker Lawyer Blog

    Posts are aimed at providing resources for lawyers at any size firm.

  • The Red Velvet Lawyer

    Posts discuss how the author trains her students to meet the needs of law firm clients and mediation parties. Posts also touch on legal marketing and tidbits about Appalachian School of Law.

  • The Rural Bus Route

    Examines everything from the mundane to the daily practice life of a lawyer in North Dakota.

  • The Student Appeal

    An online law journal, posts include law-related articles and editorials discussion law and policy issues, careers open to law school graduates.

  • The Super Lawyers Blog

    "Spotlighting excellence in practice."

  • The Velvet Hammer

    Posts offer trial tips for attorneys, cover work-life balance or are journal entries about the author's own life.

  • The Young Texas Lawyer

    "Dedicated to giving young lawyers the resources they need to survive in their new lives as professionals. The transition from school to life as an attorney is difficult without some guidance and knowledge-sharing. The purpose of this site is to inform attorneys, both young and old, through the use of articles, links, and collaboration."

  • The [Non]billable Hour

    Deals with law firm management and technology issues. It says it is "changing professional practice one idea at a time."

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