Civil Rights

  • Landsberg Law Office

    "Hawaii and the Law through my eyes." Blog is written from the perspective of a criminal defense attorney. Topics include famous criminal cases such as the Casey Anthony murder trial and Dominique Strauss-Kahn's rape trial.

  • Law and Sexuality

    This blogger's research "explores the intersection of law, sexuality and technology and has focused upon the phenomena of public sex and male-for-male sex work."

  • Law and the Multiverse: Superheroes, supervillains, and the law

    Will insurance pay for damage caused by supervillains? Are mutants covered by anti-discrimination laws? Could the ADA apply to superpowers? These questions and more are posed and answered.

  • Law Dork, 2.0

    "Regulation and regulators at the state and federal level, LGBT issues, judicial appointments and the Obama administration more generally."

  • Law Offices of David Michael Cantor

    Blog discusses criminal defense, Supreme Court decisions, DUI laws, constitutional law, immigration law and current events. Occasionally has video podcasts.

  • Legal Updates Blog

    "Tracks legal developments on civil rights, employment, labor, and privacy rights among others. The blog follows state and federal cases and pending legislation."

  • Legaldrift

    "Analyzing every news, happening and occurrence from the legal point of view is the genesis of this site. Principles of justice and law are seen everywhere. Notions of justice prevail from the streets to the zenith, from fables to reality and from children to adults."

  • Legalnaija

    "Informing Nigerians about their civil rights, duties and obligations."

  • LegalTXTS

    "LegalTXTS reports on the latest developments in law and technology, with an emphasis on legal issues regarding digital media, privacy and data security, and information management."

  • Leonard Link

    "Reporting and commentary on law, music, film and current events, ... with a special emphasis on sexuality & the law."

  • Massachusetts G.L.B.T. Law Blog

    A discussion of the legal rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their families in Massachusetts.

  • Meeting the Sin Laws

    Musings on laws affecting adult entertainment, alcoholic beverages and other "vice" industries.

  • Municipal Minute

    Municipal Minute provides updates on cases, laws, and other topics of interest to municipalities and local governments.

  • Nahmod Law

    Posts cover "42 U.S.C. section 1983, perhaps the most important federal civil rights statute, and on constitutional law (especially the First Amendment), the teaching of constitutional law and other law-related topics."

  • Ohio Criminal Appeals Blog

    "Focused on Ohio Criminal Appeals."

  • One Good Turn

    "Check in here for news, views and musings from Baker Donelson's Pro Bono Shareholder, with contributions from other pro bono attorneys from time to time, about the firm's adventures in pro bono. At Baker Donelson, we encourage our attorneys to use their legal skills to do "good turns" for those in need, and for their communities. And, as they say, one good turn deserves another..."

  • Open Minded

    Blog posts discuss diversity in the legal profession.

  • People’s Law Office

    Posts cover police brutality cases in Illinois.

  • Repo(sess) Repro(ductive) Justice

    "Look for posts here about everything from women in prison to midwifery and doulas to Supreme Court decisions to transgender rights."

  • Reproductive Rights Prof Blog

    Features news, information, scholarship and resources mainly for law school professors who teach and write about reproductive rights.

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