Constitutional Law

  • Ndubsky’s Blog

    Commentary on news events and recent court opinions, primarily in constitutional law, and links to related articles.

  • New York Court Watcher

    News and commentary on the New York Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of the United States, and more.

  • NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog

    Covers National Firearms Act gun trust law and news and events dealing with gun trusts law.

  • Ninomania

    "Partly a Scalia fansite, partly my own musings on constitutional law, the court's work product, and other issues that provoke me."

  • Northern Law Blog

    Posts are on general topics of legal interest, not limited to Illinois. There's no real overarching theme to the coverage, other than analysis of current cases.

  • Of Arms & the Law

    "Content centers around the Second Amendment with detours to gun dogs, firearms, crime, pirates, and politics."

  • Ohio Constitution News

    A blog covering the Ohio Supreme Court rulings and changes to the Ohio constitution.

  • Ohio Criminal Appeals Blog

    "Focused on Ohio Criminal Appeals."

  • Ohio Criminal Defense Law

    "Information on criminal defense law issues, Ohio OVI case law information, and thought-leadership content on constitutional law topics and news."

  • One Court of Justice

    Bloggers here have assumed the weighty task of analyzing all opinions and orders of the Michigan Supreme Court, plus key opinions of the Michigan Court of Appeals.

  • Patterico’s Pontifications

    "Harangues that just make sense."

  • PLF Liberty Blog

    Posts cover Pacific Legal Foundation activities and rulings in cases in which PLF files amicus briefs.

  • Police Issues

    "Informed, dispassionate commentaries and news updates on key criminal justice and law enforcement issues."

  • Politics and Law

    "News at the intersection of technology, politics, and law, ranging from intellectual property to censorship to tech policy."

  • Popehat

    Posts on this "group complaint about law, liberty and leisure" focus on First Amendment topics and the bloggers' own experiences as trial lawyers.

  • Post or Perish

    "Now nearly anyone with a laptop or a smartphone can become a publisher, with all the attendant benefits and risks. As new media pushes further into uncharted terrain, Post or Perish looks to navigate the often bewildering, but always entertaining, electronic landscape."

  • PrawfsBlawg

    "Where intellectual honesty has (almost always) trumped partisanship—albeit in a kind of boring way until recently—since 2005." The authors post about books and papers, law school job openings, concerns of working professors, and "a variety of topics related to law and life."

  • Prince Law Offices, P.C.

    Most posts focus on firearms law with a focus on Pennsylvania.

  • Probable Cause

    "The legal blog with the really low standard of review. While the primary emphasis of this blog is criminal law and procedure, there will be occasional commentary on constitutional and international law, as well."

  • Reasonable Expectation

    Posts all related to privacy and data security issues, frequently about online databases.

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