Construction Law

Construction Litigation Blog

Discusses construction law topics such as mechanics liens, contracts and labor & employment issues, specifically in California.

Construction Litigation Law Blog

Covers community associations, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, construction litigation and construction news.

DFW Construction Lawyer

This blawg "tries to keep the Dallas-Fort Worth construction community apprised of legal issues that may affect them."

Federal Construction Contracting Blog

"Legal Information and Resources for Federal Construction Contractors."

Florida Construction Law Authority

"News and updates on legal issues facing the construction industry in Florida."

Florida Contract Law Blog

"Discussing developing law and industry news of interest to Florida construction contractors, developers, homeowners, insurers and sureties. Some of our common topics of discussion include commercial general liability insurance policy terms, Florida federal and state insurance coverage decisions, and construction payment and performance bonds."

Georgia Construction, Bond & Lien Law Blog

Posts focus on the issues facing suppliers, materialmen, contractors and sub-contractors throughout Georgia.

Green Real Estate Law Journal

"Current issues in sustainable building law for owners, builders and design professionals."


"Provides a unique and informative environmental news source that connects the law and the environment."

Hotel Law Blog

Covers hotel case law and news and events dealing with hotel law.

Illinois Construction Law Blog

News and events in the Illinois construction industry.

Infrastructure Law Blog

Features insights on California and national public works construction issues.

Legal Construction Zone

"New developments in construction, surety, and green build law."

Legal Innovation at Work

Posts focus on construction law and real estate law topics with an emphasis on Florida.

Lovegrove Solicitors

Posts cover construction law topics with a focus on the Australian provinces of New South Wales and Victoria.

Michigan Construction Law Update

A forum for sharing current developments in Michigan construction law.

Mo-Kan Construction Law Blog

I would like contractors to become more educated regarding the legal aspects of their craft. Critical project issues are usually driven by contract language and state and federal legislation. Those issues may involve retainage, surety bonds, indemnity issues, mechanic’s liens, payment conditions, terminations, delays, etc.

Montgomery County Construction Law Blog

"News and insight on the topic of construction law."

N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News

"A legal blog for North Carolina construction professionals to stay apprised of statutory, case law and other legal developments affecting owners, designers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, insurance carriers and other players in the industry."

New Miami Blog

"Insights and commentary into the Gateway City's expanding global significance."

New York Construction Law

"This blog is a resource for construction professionals, including developers, contractors and suppliers. Topics to be addressed will include statutory changes affecting contractors; insurance, labor and litigation issues; real estate development and the issues affecting the construction process."

On Solid Ground: The Mirick Real Estate Law Blog

"News and commentary on real estate development, environmental and construction law."

Real Estate & Construction Law

This blawg provides up-to-date information on real estate, construction, environmental and land use law.

Real Estate & Construction Law Blog

Posts discuss real estate and construction law, mostly from a builder/landlord's perspective. Other topics include green development and mortgage news.

Real Property & Development Review

"New developments, resources & commentary of interest to owners, builders & design professionals."