Construction Law

  • Baker Bricks - The Construction World in Five Minutes or Less

    "A fresh – and sometimes sideways – view of the construction industry. Delivering our no-nonsense take on both national and international news. Tune in for brief posts tackling issues you may never have thought about."

  • Best Practices Construction Law

    "Focuses on best practices within the construction industry."

  • Breaking Ground: What’s New in Real Estate Law

    Posts feature news and information on developments in real estate law in a variety of practice areas and industries.

  • Builders Counsel

    "Legal commentary spanning the current landscape of green building law, LEED legal topics, public contracting, liens, bonds and other construction law topics."

  • Building a Green Maryland

    "Analysis of environmental laws, sustainability issues, and green building practices in Maryland."

  • California Construction Law Blog

    "Construction law information from the Golden State."

  • California Sustainable Communities Law

    "Up-to-date commentary, news, and insight into sustainable communities law, and local, regional and statewide practices, public policy and politics."

  • Coates’ Canons: NC Local Government Law Blog

    Topics include board structures and procedures; community and economic development; elections; emergency management; ethics and conflicts; finance and tax law; general local government; land use and code enforcement; legislative updates; open government; public health; and property transactions.

  • Colorado Construction Litigation

    Posts cover issues involving construction litigation in Colorado.

  • Construction Law Attorney Blog

    "Reports on construction law legislation, opinions and matters in Illinois."

  • Construction Law Blog

    Coverage of construction litigation and legislation, particularly in Washington state.

  • Construction Law Blog

    "News and analysis of legal issues in the construction industry."

  • Construction Law Blog

    "Includes regular posts on construction industry news, case law updates, legislative updates, legal and contractual issues, and other information pertinent to all aspects of the construction industry, with a focus on businesses involved with design, construction and real estate development in Indiana."

  • Construction Law Blog

    "Covers a variety of issues affecting the construction industry, such as construction litigation, breach-of-contract claims, defective and deficient construction, delay and acceleration claims, termination and bond claims, and coverage matters. Yet it focuses on issues relevant to private and public owners and energy-related construction projects."

  • Construction Law Blog

    "Topics of interest to the construction industry."

  • Construction Law Canada

    "This website is intended to encourage discussion about recent developments in construction law in Canada."

  • Construction Law in North Carolina

    "A blog for construction professionals, contractors, designers, architects, engineers, and owners, discussing construction law issues in North Carolina."

  • Construction Law Monitor

    "Providing insight and commentary on construction law issues in Washington and Louisiana."

  • Construction Law Musings - Richmond, Va.

    "Thoughts on the construction/legal landscape."

  • Construction Litigation Blog

    Discusses construction law topics such as mechanics liens, contracts and labor & employment issues, specifically in California.

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