• International Lawyer Coach

    "Helps lawyers thrive in the global economy. Blog posts give practical strategies that law firms, corporate law departments and individual practitioners can use to grow vibrant international law practices."

  • Internet For Lawyers

    "The blog covers free and low-cost investigative and background research resources on the Internet that are available to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. We also cover search engine search tips with a focus on Google and its features, functions and productivity tools."

  • IP Democracy

    News of interest of the "absurd" relating to the Internet, cable, telco, wireless, publishing, content and technology businesses.

  • IP Think Tank

    Rounds up global intellectual property news. Also found here is the IP Think Tank Podcast.

  • IPKat

    We’re letting the IPKat out of the bag. This blog is good for coverage of copyright, patent, trademark and privacy/confidentiality issues —and a laugh. Maybe it’s just because everything’s funnier with a British accent: The authors are based in the U.K., and their multiple daily posts focus on issues on their side of the pond.

  • IPmetrics Blog

    "A forum to explain, discuss, and develop ideas about intellectual property and intangible assets."

  • Iván Ríos-Mena

    Posts focus on conflict management in the workplace and achieving peaceful solutions.

  • Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog

    This blawg covers "law practice management, the Internet and technology as it applies both in law practice and in all of our lives."

  • jurorproof

    "Legal proof satisfies the law, but not jurors. We find the proof that speaks to jurors." Offers advice to litigators.

  • Juryology

    Posts explore "how to persuade jurors and judges and win trials. We look at all aspects, from themes and storytelling, through jury selection and persuading the fact-finder. It's about reality and data vs. old-time 'wisdom' that is usually wrong. It's about meeting layperson jurors where they are and remembering that they did not go to law school."

  • Knockoff Report

    "Launched in 2008, Knockoff Report is...dedicated specifically to news and views in the world of anti-counterfeiting."

  • Larry Bodine LawMarketing Blog

    This blog links to news stories and studies about law firms' marketing-related activities and makes notes of those who are and aren't successful, advises law firms on how their marketing dollars should be spent and reviews newly published books about networking and marketing.

  • Law Admissions Lowdown

    A "resource for law school news, LSAT tips, and admissions advice."

  • Law Department Management

    Covers all aspects of how to improve the management and effectiveness of an in-house legal department.

  • Law Dork, 2.0

    "Regulation and regulators at the state and federal level, LGBT issues, judicial appointments and the Obama administration more generally."

  • Law Firm Blog ׀ Attorney Marketing

    "News, tips and information for attorneys to succeed in search engine marketing."

  • Law Firm CFO

    "For every law firm managing partner and administrator who has ever asked the question: 'WHY ME?' "

  • Law Firm Coach Blog

    "Covers best practices in law firm management and strategy."

  • Law Firm Mobile

    "Tracks, describes, analyzes, and comments on developments in the growing interest by law firms and lawyers in using the mobile space to reach out to clients and contacts. The blog covers a range of topics, from iPhone and Android mobile apps to mobile-ready websites to law firm pioneers in the use of tablet computing."

  • Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Blog

    The Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Blog provides information, thoughts, resources, tips, tools and solutions for marketing law firms, practice areas and legal expertise online.

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