• Law Firm SEO

    "Free information to attorneys on how to get found by prospective clients online."

  • Law Firm Web Strategy

    "Web innovation in the legal space and making the connection to law firm business interests." Posts contain blunt advice for lawyers who want to improve their professional reputations and bring in clients through their firm's website, blogging and other social media tools—and they also detail the nuts and bolts of the work involved in stepping things up online.

  • Law Marketing Monitor

    This blog discusses "law firm marketing, web strategy, and technology."

  • Law People

    Covers law practice management and work/life balance issues.

  • Law Practice Management

    "Helping lawyers start, grow, market, and manage successful law practices."

  • Law Without Borders

    "Adventures in legal services outsourcing to India and beyond."

  • Law21

    "In the 21st century, the practice of law is shaking loose from its traditional moorings and heading out into uncharted territory. Opportunities abound, but so do pitfalls. Most of the old rules won’t apply anymore, while some will matter more than ever. Welcome to the new legal profession, powered by collaboration, innovation, and client service. This is your front-row seat."

  • LawBiz Blog

    LawBiz Blog bills itself as "your practical guide to profit." Topics include running a law firm as well as profitably exiting by selling a law practice. It contains advice on law practice management and technology, linking to relevant articles and podcasts. Some of the podcasts are interviews done by blawg author Ed Poll.

  • LawBizCOO

    "Helping lawyers succeed."

  • Lawdable

    "Lawdable is a forum for in-house and managing attorneys to discover and share information related to the issues they face on a daily basis. Through a 'best practices' approach, the blog provides commentary from experts in a wide range of areas, citing specific client examples of progressive and innovative (or 'laudable') initiatives that have helped legal departments become more efficient and economical without sacrificing quality. More specifically, it focuses on national issues and general commentary on the use of attorneys in a nontraditional manner, issues affecting legal departments on a daily basis and how both new and tested approaches can offer solutions, litigation support and e-discovery, best practices regarding technology implementation and efficiency training methods for teams of attorneys, and the work-life balance sought by attorneys."

  • LawMapping for Success

    This blawg provides practical information and tips to help lawyers design and enjoy fulfilling careers.

  • LawOfCriminalDefense

    News, information, ethics opinions and analysis relating to criminal defense, legal ethics and professional responsibility.

  • LawPeopleBlog

    "Better law practice through better people management." Topics include LPOs, the recession, partner compensation and diversity.

  • LawProspector Blawg

    Posts promote the LawProspector software-as-a-service product product and offer "into the litigation activities of major law firms and corporations."

  • Lawrence Atkinson

    Posts include Sydney job listings, promote the work of the blogger's employer, and cover the latest from Australia's Office of Legal Services Coordination.

  • LawRiot

    "Features the latest and most important information pertaining to the field of law, law school and politics. LawRiot conveys information we feel to be both informative and timely. We also serve as a useful tool for prospective and current law school students. The creators offer their expertise in the admissions process and law school life in general."

  • Lawsuit Finance Blog

    Highlights litigation that the author feels could have benefited from lawsuit financing and other articles on the subject of lawsuit financing.

  • Lawyer Marketing

    "A blog dedicated to legal marketing, client development, and technology for law firms. You’ll find informative posts on topics that affect you on a daily basis, including legal marketing, client development, and technology for law firms."

  • Lawyer Satisfaction Blog

    "Provides insight on professional development and career planning for lawyers."

  • Lawyer Tech Review

    "Lawyer Tech Review focuses on technology, apps and gadgets that lawyers are using in their professional and personal lives to boost their productivity and manage their practices. The aim is to share plain-language tips with lawyers, abogados and other professionals." "App Friday" is a regular feature in which guests review mobile applications.

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