• Social Media for Law Firms by Samantha Collier

    "What law firms need to know about social media. Resources. Strategy. Discussion."

  • Solo Practice University® Blog

    "Newly minted or well-seasoned, teaching you how to create and grow your legal practice." Business planning from the ground up: marketing, getting clients, keeping clients.

  • Speak the Truth: A Blog for Modern Jury Consulting

    "Thoughts on juries, trials, and the modern age of data-driven jury consulting."

  • Special Education Law Blog

    A fresh look at the ever-growing field of special education law.

  • Spicy IP

    Posts focus on intellectual property law and related innovation developments in India.

  • Startups & Downs

    "Because it’s far harder, far lonelier and far more tedious than the prevailing mythology around the startup scene might suggest, we’ve undertaken this blog to create more dialogue and community around the hard work, mistakes and grit that bridge the gap between idea and success. Where the glamour and social life fall away, that’s where this blog picks up."

  • Stein McEwen Blawg

    Blog discusses firm news and intellectual property issues and cases. Recent entries include "Feature Comment: An Overview of the Patent Reform Act of 2011," "Federal Circuit considers boundaries of spoilation" and "9th Circuit Finds Failure to Report Subject Inventions Not a False Claim under False Claims Act."

  • Stephen Mayson » An Independent Mind

    Posts center on the futures of law firms and legal education with a focus on the United Kingdom.

  • Stop the Presses

    Tips, advice and cautionary tales for lawyers in the midst of high-stakes, high-profile litigation.

  • Strategic Legal Technology Blog

    "Regular updates about interesting developments and themes in the application of technology to law practice and law business." For law firms and law departments on a quest for efficiency through technology and staffing. Posts cover knowledge management, outsourcing and alternate fee arrangements.

  • Structured Settlements 4Real

    Information, news and commentary about structured settlements and settlement planning.

  • The “Ivy” Files

    Focusing on life after college, including going to grad school and law school, posts aim to help recent graduates make smart choices.

  • The 13th juror

    "Trial technology, litigation support and cognitive perspective. Not necessarily in that order."

  • The 1709 Blog

    "In 1709 the Statute of Anne created the first purpose-built copyright law. This blog, founded just 300 short and unextended years later, is dedicated to all things copyright, warts and all."

  • The 6Ps of the BIG 3

    Posts offer advice on how lawyers can use social media to help them find jobs.

  • The Articulate Attorney

    "Addresses common problems lawyers face as they speak in public, whether in the courtroom or a board room. By understanding how bodies, brains, and voices work in those settings, readers can hone their technical speaking skills for a specific task."

  • The Attorney Marketing Blog

    "Marketing tips, ideas and strategies that help increase a law firm's revenue for both online and offline efforts."

  • The Attorney Marketing Center

    "The Attorney Marketing Center helps lawyers earn more, work less and create a life of balance. We provide training and resources in the areas of marketing, productivity, personal development and wealth creation."

  • The Barrister Bard

    "Witty and incisive comment on the law today, including crime and punishment, love and marriage, prison reform, personal injury, police and the courts."

  • The Conversation

    "Capturing interesting conversations in the course of my work ..."

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