• The Edjurist Accord

    Educational law scholars blogging on recent developments at the intersection of law and education.

  • The Expert Institute

    "An in-depth look at all issues related to expert witnesses and the selection of experts."

  • The Finn Blog

    "The blog focuses primarily on issues surrounding structured settlements and their applications in the resolution of personal injury litigation."

  • The Great Jakes Blog

    "Web-centric marketing for law firms and professional services. Commentary on next-generation law firm websites and Web-marketing strategies for law firms."

  • The High-touch Legal Services® Blog

    Posts answer questions and offer advice about start-ups and early-stage businesses.

  • The Hildebrandt Blog

    "As consultants to the legal industry (both law firms and law departments), we are constantly thinking, speaking, and writing about how the legal profession is changing and what the future might hold. We've started this blog as a more informal way to share our thoughts, impressions, and predictions with interested readers."

  • The Illustrated Courtroom

    "A blog of illustrated trials and cases that are newsworthy. Much of the artwork is used for TV news, but not seen in print or online, so here it is available to the public."

  • The Intelligent Challenge

    Posts discuss personal and professional development, client relationships, strategies for law firms and the Zen mindset.

  • The International Association of Franchisees and Dealers

    "Topics of interest to franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers."

  • The Jury Box Blog

    "Discusses recent jury trials of interest, weighs in on controversies in the procedures of jury trials, and reviews studies of jury behavior and decision-making."

  • The Jury Room

    Posts explore "how research findings and current events inform juror decision-making; uncovering juror bias; how values, attitudes and life experiences affect our choices and decisions; and what makes particular witnesses and evidence powerful or pointless. We continue to track 'my brain made me do it' defenses and apply recent research to our ongoing work."

  • The Last Honest Lawyer

    "Educating clients on the things their lawyers don't want them to know."

  • The Lawyers’ Video Studio

    "Designed to help you sharpen your lawyer video marketing and provide you, the attorney, with great marketing tips, strategies, and ideas. This blog will help you understand how creating little online videos can help you attract your ideal clients and get them to trust you before they ever meet you."

  • The Legal Blog

    "Provide some insights into online marketing for the legal profession."

  • The Legal Geeks

    Posts and podcasts cover the legal issues that arise (whether they are acknowledged or not) in TV shows and the latest theatrical releases—usually of the sci-fi / fantasy variety.

  • The Legal Watercooler

    Posts jump in the blogosphere's conversation about law firm marketing hits and misfires.

  • The Lien & Credit Journal

    "Focuses on the lien and bond claim laws that help the construction industry get paid. Focusing on lien and bond claim regulations across the United States, the blog provides readers with how-to articles and updates on legislation and court decisions that impact the same."

  • The Litigation Consulting Report

    Posts—many of them in list form—share ideas with litigators about persuading juries as well as working successfully with co-counsel and trial consultants.

  • The Mad Clientist

    Posts cover practice management topics for law firm partners and in-house counsel.

  • The Marcus Perspective

    "A contrarian's view of professional services marketing and management."

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