• The Mad Clientist

    Posts cover practice management topics for law firm partners and in-house counsel.

  • The Marcus Perspective

    "A contrarian's view of professional services marketing and management."

  • The Matte Pad

    Blog is geared toward law firms and legal marketers, and focuses primarily on how to use social media to market legal services. Topics include LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, direct marketing and e-mail marketing.

  • The Patent Prospector

    News, information, commentary and "sassy entertainment" relating to the life cycle of patents. Patent Prospector is an "open forum" weblog in that submissions are welcome within the blog's categories.

  • The Pension Protection Act Blog

    This blawg covers the impact of recent law change on retirement and health plan documents. The Pension Protection Act made the most sweeping changes to the plan documents in the last 30 years at the same time the IRS decided to restructure how it regulates qualified plans. Caught in this intersection is one ERISA attorney who writes plan documents.

  • The PR Lawyer

    "Provides attorneys and legal marketers with useful public relations, legal marketing and social media tips and information to help law firms understand the ever-changing landscape of legal marketing and ethics."

  • The Practice Alchemy Blog

    "The Practice Alchemy Blog gives attorneys a framework for creating a legal business that serves both them and their clients instead of just trading time for money."

  • The PSLawNet Blog

    "A vehicle for PSLawNet to share news, job-seeking resources, and original content with law students and lawyers on public service career paths, and with career services professionals at law schools."

  • The Rainmaker Blog

    "Law firm marketing and buisness development strategies."

  • The Rainmaker Lawyer Blog

    Posts are aimed at providing resources for lawyers at any size firm.

  • The Red Well

    "The Red Well is a service of the American Society of Trial Consultants, providing a one-stop opportunity to browse opinion and analysis on the subjects of litigation communication, persuasion, advocacy, and psychology relating to trial and pre-trial settings. The page hosts customized RSS feeds from all participating members. All blogs represented in The Red Well participate with the permission of the blog authors. The goal of this aggregator is to include as much content as possible created by active litigation consultants and other members of the American Society of Trial Consultants."

  • The Rung

    Posts focus on tools and best practices for litigation.

  • The Security Advocate

    "Computer security in plain English. Offers articles and short video tips regarding cybersecurity, computer forensics and related topics."

  • The Trial War Room Handbook Blog

    "We intend this blog to be a place where that special breed who works on trials can learn from each other and share ideas that hopefully make trials and war rooms just a little bit less crazy."

  • The Trust Advisor Blog

    "Ideas for wealth managers, trust advisors and consultants concerned with marketing and offering trust service. Articles focus on bank regulations, trust administration, estate planning, and wealth management strategies."

  • The Wired GC

    "Law from the inside out." A general counsel-turned-consultant writes posts devoted to the role of the general counsel. A recent series of "Zen and the Art of Legal Pricing" posts offer guidelines to how law firms with corporate clients should price their services.

  • The [Non]billable Hour

    Deals with law firm management and technology issues. It says it is "changing professional practice one idea at a time."

  • Thelen the Pain

    "Thelen the Pain is a support site for the recently or about-to-be laid off employees of Thelen, a soon-to-be defunct global law firm."

  • Thoughtful Legal Management

    This blawg "empowers lawyers to anticipate the changes, realize the opportunities, face the challenges and embrace the expanding possibilities of the application of practice management concepts to the practice of law in innovative ways that provide service excellence."

  • Threshold Advisors

    Posts deal with leadership initiatives, career counseling, business development, coaching, discrimination and gender initiatives.

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