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Florida Lawyers Blog Watch

This is an aggregation of the 50 most recent postings by blogging attorneys who reside in Florida.

For the Bettor Good

"For the Bettor Good is devoted to clear and honest discussion of internet gaming policy. We are focused on the American federal and state governments but occasionally will cover policy developments in foreign jurisdictions if important lessons can be learned. Our goal is to provide easy access to the discussion by guiding readers to legislation, regulatory drafts, testimony, and other relevant public records. We also try to provide objective overviews of legislative proposals and their potential effects."

FOSS Patents

"This blog covers software patent news and issues with a particular focus on wireless, mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers)." has summaries of search-and-seizure cases and news.

Gabe’s Guide to the e-Discovery Universe

Posts focus largely on issues that affect or generate e-discovery litigation. Author Gabe Acevedo is also an occasional legal technology contributor to Above the Law.

Get In: Law School

This blog advises prospective law students on law school application strategies.

GetLegal | Legal Topics for the Community

Video clips and posts for users to understand the various details of law.

GLG News: Legal, Economic & Regulatory Affairs

"A mosaic of perspectives on legal, political, economic, and regulatory issues that drive company valuations and country investment prospects."

Global Legal

"Highlights topics relevant to legal practitioners at western corporations and law firms who are interested in legal process globalization and outsourcing. Some posts may also provide useful insights for global legalization and legal process outsourcing vendors. In addition, some posts may highlight the activities of Red Bridge Strategy Inc. and the personal causes and interests of Matthew Sullivan."


Commentary on torts, disputes and insurance.

Go LLM Admissions Consultants

"Tips, background information, and news on graduate law studies and law schools in the U.S. and abroad."

Going Global

Insights and resources to help any size company succeed in international trade and business, including export market development, international joint ventures and management of foreign operations.

Golden Practices

"Ideas and advice for CPAs, lawyers and other professional service firms."

GoLLM Blog

"Stay up to date with relevant news and background information related to law schools, the legal profession, and graduate legal studies in the U.S., U.K., and Canada."

Gould and Lamb Medicare Compliance Blog

Blog discusses Medicare compliance. Recent entries include "Chronic Pain Conditions Impact on Future Care" and "Can REM Programs Solve Healthcare Prescription Drug Abuse Dilemma?"

Grits for Breakfast

Posts consider how Texas is addressing crime and punishment—its appellate courts, its agencies, its law enforcement, its legislation and its prisons.

Guidepost Solutions

"Posts discuss best practices, challenges and legal needs in the investigations, due diligence, security design consulting, immigration and cross-border consulting, and monitoring and compliance fields."

Haley Lobs Law Bomb

"Posts discuss legal technology, practice management, and efficiency issues."

Happy Go Legal

Posts are aimed at legal professionals and largely cover five categories, individual environment, professional development, "lifestyle design", play at work, and humor.

Hardingco Blog

This blawg is about successful networking and rainmaking.

Head of Legal

"I write Head of Legal to explain developments in law, and the law behind the news, to an informed and interested but not necessarily legal audience. And because I can’t help thinking, writing and obsessing about law, particularly my specialisms in constitutional, public, human rights and European law and the way they interact with politics and society."

Houston Legal

"Houston Legal Links" posts bundle legal stories from the Houston Chronicle and other sources; posts by the author round up disciplinary actions against Houston lawyers, news from the Texas State Bar and critique other coverage of legal news.

How to Manage a Small Law Firm

"Dedicated to liberating lawyers in small law firms. ... Post comments. Ask questions. Challenge what I have to say. Share any great resources that you think will help the solos and lawyers in small firms to generate more business and/or manage our small law firms more profitably. No one with a relevant comment or constructive criticism will be excuded!"


“ImprovBlawg focuses on improvisational theater skills for lawyers—trial attorneys, mediators. etc.

In Black & White

"Commonsense strategies for growing your legal practice."

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