Consumer Law

  • California Lemon Law Lawyer Blog

    Blog focuses on auto recalls, car safety, pending lemon law legislation and class action suits, specifically in California.

  • California Punitive Damages

    This blawg discusses California punitive damages litigation.

  • Campylobacter Blog

    "Surveillance and analysis on campylobacter news and outbreaks."

  • Carlton Fields’ Class Action Blog

    This blawg provides timely, educational, and thought-provoking information on the latest news and class action developments from federal and state courts—and on class action arbitrations—in the Southeast and across the country. The blog features summaries of recent cases and arbitration decisions, links to class action news stories, and short analysis pieces.

  • Caveat Emptor

    Law, politics, news and information from the consumer advocate's point of view.

  • Center for Class Action Fairness

    Updates on consumer class action cases the firm is involved in, as well as news of settlements in similar cases.

  • CFPB Law Blog

    "News and analysis of the priorities, initiatives and regulatory actions and proceedings of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau."

  • CFPB Monitor

    Posts cover the latest actions, policies and staff changes of the year-old Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  • Chicago Business Litigation Lawyer Blog

    Covers news, and events dealing with business litigation, including malpractice, consumer protection, and insurance litigation.

  • Chicago Trial Attorney Blog

    "Commentary on litigation in the Windy City on topics such as business litigation, breach of contracts, fraud, building defects, real estate disputes, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, auto accidents, truck crashes, dog bites, employment discrimination and class actions."

  • Chicago’s Real Law Blog

    This blog answers questions about the legal system in Illinois in a straightforward colloquial manner. Posts have a "Legal Tip of the Day."

  • Class Action Blog

    "A comprehensive blog providing insight and commentary on the latest plaintiffs cases, issues and news. Our hope is to explain today’s important cases in everyday language and provide meaningful context to our readers."

  • Class Action Blog

    Discusses class action lawsuits, including deceptive marketing, FDA rulings, illegal billing and defective products.

  • Class Action Countermeasures

    "Discussions of the strategic considerations involved in class action defense."

  • Class Action Lawsuit Defense

    "Designed to provide news and commentary on recent class actions, trends and issues of interest."

  • Class Defense

    Posts offer "the insights of Mayer Brown litigators on cutting-edge issues in class action law and policy. The blog identifies and analyzes recent trends in the filing and defense of class actions and other forms of aggregate litigation against businesses. The blog also reports on relevant legislative and regulatory developments."


    Class action news, commentary, and analysis.

  • Condo Reporter

    Blog discusses aspects of condominium law and ownership in Ontario. Post topics include holiday decorations, terminating developer agreements, wood-burning fireplaces and removing directors from office.

  • Consumer Advocate Legal Update

    Posts cover activities of the firm's lawyers, litigation tips, potential sources of tort litigation, Federal Trade Commission guidelines and recent class action decisions in California.

  • Consumer Class Action Blog

    The blawg has news, analysis and commentary on state and federal consumer class action litigation. The author covers recent opinions and analyzes them from a plaintiffs' viewpoint. Issues covered include the enforceability of mandatory arbitration provisions, attorney fees and class certification.

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