Consumer Law

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Focus on Regulation

"Hogan Lovells' blog, Focus on Regulation, provides insights, analysis, and news about regulatory issues affecting a broad array of industries." Also has firm news.

Food Poison Journal

"Surveillance and analysis on food poison news and outbreaks."

Food Poisoning Law Blog

Reports of disease outbreaks at food processing facilities, food product recalls and related litigation.

Food Safety News

"Global food safety news and information." Posts cover reports, studies and penalties issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; food recalls; and food safety-related job listings and conferences.

FTC Beat

"Insights and commentary related to FTC and state attorney general news related to e-commerce."

Full Disclosure

Most posts cover corporate finance litigation; occasional posts discuss the U.S. Supreme Court or note issues of interest to the individual investor.

Georgia Consumer Fraud Articles

"Consumer protection blog with updates about Georgia consumer law."

Good Georgia Lawyer

Provides insight on injury law reports, cases and matters in Georgia.

Hepatitis Blog

"Surveillance and analysis on hepatitis news and outbreaks."

Hess on Business Law

"Practical Legal Information for Companies that Do Business in California." Mainly discusses labor & employment law topics.

Holzer Edwards Injury Lawyers

"This blawg is for people who have been injured, or have family members who were, and have no idea what to do next. In it we will provide an overview of the complex world of injury claims."

Hunton Retail Law Resource

Blog posts analyze and give insight on legal and business issues that affect the retail industry, such as global sourcing, changing technology, workforce management and class action litigation.

Illinois Deserves the Truth

This blawg "presents the unique perspective of Illinois consumer advocates who are fighting to protect Illinois’ civil justice system. This system, which is fundamental to our democracy, has been under attack in recent years by big business and the insurance industry. These powerful and well-funded special interests are fighting to limit the power of judges and juries to hold corporate wrongdoers accountable. They are also trying to restrict access to courts for all Illinoisans. Like everyone else in our state, rich and powerful industries must be held accountable if they do something wrong. As consumer advocates, we believe that shining a light on their campaign to escape responsibility for misconduct is the best way to fight back. Illinois deserves the truth!"

Illinois Plaintiff’s Lawyer

"Covers issues in Plaintiffs law both nationally and in Illinois." Blog about financial litigation, injury law and medical malpractice cases. A common topic is medical prosthesis recalls.

Impact Litigation Journal

"Provides commentary and analysis about legal issues relating to class actions and other representative litigation in the areas of consumer and employment law."

Indiana Business Lawyer Blog

Blog is about business law opinions, legislation and matters in Indiana. Topics include workplace violence, tree-trimming ordinances, municipal laws and construction fraud.

InfoSecCompliance Blog

A blog exploring the integration of legal, security/privacy and risk management disciplines, and finding solutions for managing information security and privacy risks.

Insurance Class Actions Insider

"Insight on developments in class actions against insurance companies, and developments in class action law that impact insurance companies."

Jackson on Consumer Class Actions and Mass Torts

Posts note the comedy and tragedy in appellate products-liability litigation and pore over courts’ analyses in their latest rulings. Consumer fraud issues as they pertain to advertising pop up as well.

James Maisano, Esq.—Legal Blog

Posts share thoughts about legal issues and cases of interest to the author.

Kalia Law P.C. Startup

"The Kalia Law P.C. blog focuses on common business and startup topics such as forming entities, hiring and employing people, dealing with partners and shareholders, equity, contracts and agreements, as well as topics surrounding Ms. Kalia's personal interests such as green business, crowdfunding and women in leadership."

Law & Industry Daily

"Reports on U.S. civil courts, government regulation and public policy."

Law and More

"Deconstructing what happens in law." A particular focus on consumer law and class-action litigation, and lead-paint litigation in particular. Some posts amount to professional-skills pep talks, and others recap recent episodes of Boston Legal. Blog

Posts cover personal injury issues, class actions and lawsuits, "But we also let it rip with a few admissible rants from time to time." Regular features include Totally Tortelicious, which focuses on funny tort filings; Week Adjourned on Fridays, focusing on the week's top class actions; and Pleading Ignorance, which breaks down civil legalspeak for nonlawyer readers.

Legal Blog - Brett A. Burlison

The blog provides a running commentary on law, society, and occasionally politics. It focuses on legal matters and issues that are important to trial lawyers and the legal community, injury victims, and individuals concerned about consumers’ rights.

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