Consumer Law

  • Los Angeles Bankruptcy Law Monitor

    "We monitor consumer bankruptcy law as it applies to our clients in the Central District of California and the Ninth Circuit. We provide useful information to the public regarding consumer rights and protection under the Bankrutptcy Code."

  • Marler Blog

    "Providing commentary on food poisoning outbreaks and litigation." Daily updates on food-borne illness reports and resulting nationwide product recalls as well as commentary on what governments and corporations should do as far as responding to current outbreaks and preventing future outbreaks.

  • Mass Torts: State of the Art

    Discusses the science behind "toxic torts" and techniques for trying mass tort cases.

  • McFarland Pyle & Stone

    "Designed to help Colorado's consumers and small businesses find a fresh start in a downturn economy." Posts answer frequently asked questions about bankruptcy and provide a glossary of bankruptcy terms.

  • Michigan Consumer Credit Law Blog

    Credit issues affecting consumer rights.

  • Mootus Blog

    "Make good law."

  • N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News

    "A legal blog for North Carolina construction professionals to stay apprised of statutory, case law and other legal developments affecting owners, designers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, insurance carriers and other players in the industry."

  • New Jersey Product Liability & Consumer Fraud Defense

    "Today’s manufacturers, retailers, and importers face intense regulatory scrutiny—and an increasingly litigious customer base—as they design, build, and sell the products used in everyday life and industry."

  • Nicholson Revell

    This blawg addresses issues dealing with personal injury and consumer protection. Within these fields we will look at litigation, new and existing legislation, as well as changes in regulations that may affect those within the public. In addition, we will add commentary, perspective, and clarification to some of the most important legal issues facing our community.

  • Norovirus Blog

    "Surveillance and analysis on noro news and outbreaks."

  • Northern Michigan Bankruptcy

    "News and information about bankruptcy and consumer law in Northern Michigan."

  • Oak View Law Group Blog

    Posts discuss bankruptcy, debt-consolidation options and audits.

  • Oklahoma Law Blog

    "The Oklahoma Law blog focuses on safety and personal injury issues that affect Oklahomans, but have a nationwide impact. Topics covered include car crash safety, health news, and product recall information."

  • Personal Finance & Consumer Rights Blog

    This blawg keeps consumers in touch with the latest consumer news and trends. It also provides tips on avoiding scams, protecting your identity and being a savvy consumer.

  • Pharma Patents

    Blog is written for an industry audience in the chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical fields. Recent entries include: "Federal Circuit Issues Mixed Decision On Myriad Claims," "USPTO Backlog Update: One Step Forward, One Step Back" and "Supreme Court Says Bayh-Dole Act Does Not Trump Inventor Rights."

  • Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Law

    Posts are consumer oriented and focus on bankruptcy law and procedures.

  • Privacy and Information Security Law Blog

    Posts take note of consumer protection laws around the world, privacy law litigation and cybersecurity legislation.

  • Privacy and Security Law Blog

    Covers privacy and security issues, with topics ranging from the First Amendment and identity theft, to homeland security, phishing and personal privacy.

  • Product Liability Monitor

    "Discusses key trends, developments, and events that shape the product liability legal landscape.The blog also features discussions relating to mass torts, consumer product safety and complex litigation, including the Alien Tort Statute, the False Claims Act, and class actions. More in-depth pieces may also appear from time to time. The blog addresses topics touching upon an array of industries and product areas, as well as general litigation and crisis management issues that have unique application to product liability practitioners and product manufacturers or distributors as well as those with an interest in the field."

  • Product Liability Trends and Developments

    Posts cover actions of the Food and Drug Administration, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and consumer class action rulings.

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