Criminal Justice

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Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Law and order in Texas, including occasional interviews with evidence experts and tirades about the war on drugs.

Dayton DUI Information

Posts about DUI-related info for Ohio residents. Topics include breath tests, field sobriety tests and getting a driver's license back.

DC Public Safety Radio Shows

"Brief audio programs for the public on crime, criminal offenders and the criminal justice system."

Death Penalty Information Center

Features the latest news, court rulings and information relating to the death penalty.

Defending People

"The tao of criminal-defense trial lawyering." Posts discuss the criminal justice system and related topics, with a focus on Texas.

Defense Newsletter Blog

"Breaking news supplementing the defense newsletter covering 11th Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court Cases."

Defrosting Cold Cases

The blog gives victims of unsolved cases a Web presence—well over 100 victims so far—and also speaks out for defendants she thinks have been wrongfully convicted. If readers are able to find and send her more information about a case she's written about, she'll file follow-up posts. Other posts contain interviews with evidence experts and crime novelists about their work.


"Covers juries, litigation consulting and deep thoughts about quirky legal trivia."

Demonstrative Evidence

This blawg reviews recent criminal rulings in state and federal courts, comments on other legal news and shares humorous Web links.

Denver Criminal Defense Blog

A blog covering various topics in criminal law and police in Colorado.

Developments in California Trial Practice

"Analysis and commentary on recent California appellate decisions and legislation of interest to trial lawyers and judges." Posts are summaries of recent appellate and Supreme Court cases.

Direct Appeal

Direct Appeal has summaries of recent criminal appellate decisions by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals based in Denver.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct takes a “pragmatic approach to criminal law” by examining the topic in pop culture, current cases, and everyday events with personal anecdotes.

Docket Dynasty

"A view (occasionally humorous) of the causes, characters and craziness of the criminal courts and life from a prosecutor's perspective."


The blog is described as "a site for underdogs" with posts featuring topics including criminal defense.

Drug Lawyer Attorney Florida

Updates on Florida drug laws and news stories of drug arrests.

Drunk & Disorderly

Observations and musings of a criminal defense lawyer.

Drunk Driving DUI Law

"Frequently updated information on DUI matters and arrests from across the country."

Due Diligence

Topics include fraud recovery, tax law, legal malpractice, white-collar crime, foreclosure defense and asset protection.

DUI Blogger

This legal blog covers DUI law, policy and science. Topics included are DUI legislation, DUI consequences, and celebrity DUI arrests.

DUI Defender

DUI news and commentary.

DUI Law Blog

"DUI news from around the country. Includes recent statute and case law updates, attorney opinions, expert witness advice from forensic scientist Erik Brown and analysis of drunken-driving related news and issues."

DUI Law Firm Blog

Posts address topics on DUI law, DUI cases involving legal issues and news.

DUI News and Blog

“The latest DUI news and information from DUI defense attorneys across the country.”


"Comments and analysis about the Duke/Nifong case."

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