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Florida Criminal Lawyer Blog

Analyzes criminal law news, cases and legislation in Florida.

Florida Criminal Lawyer Blog

"Examines criminal law news, cases and reports in Florida."

Florida DUI Lawyer Blog

Reports on DUI sentences, creative DUI defenses, high-profile individuals charged with DUI, and DUI law and order in Florida.

Florida DUI Traffic Ticket Lawyer Blog

"Provides opinion on traffic law news, cases and reports in Florida."

Florida Federal Criminal Defense News

"Regularly provides the latest updates in Florida criminal defense news."

Florida Securities Fraud Lawyer Blog

"Provides insight on securities fraud cases, news and reports in Florida. Published by McCabe Rabin, PA."

Foreman & Caraciolo

Foreman & Caraciolo is located in Harrisburg, Pa.

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney Blog

"Discusses criminal law cases, news and opinions in Florida."

Fort Walton Beach Criminal Defense Blog

Posts answer common questions about arrests, court procedures and penalties that apply to residents of Florida.

Fort Worth Criminal Defense Law Blog

Posts cover issues in criminal defense in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fourth Circuit Blog

Provides case summaries and commentary by a federal defender in the 4th Circuit. has summaries of search-and-seizure cases and news, intended as a supplement for the book Search and Seizure, published by Lexis Law Publishing.

FPT Law Blog

"The goal of the 'Fruits of the Poisonous Tree' blog is to provide a forum where visitors can connect with me in an open discourse about law-related topics."

Fraud with Peril

Former federal prosecutors blogging about white-collar crime in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Frisco DWI Lawyer & Attorney Blog

"Perspectives on the law, legislature, trends, and happenings regarding intoxicated-related offenses."

FT Law, P.S.

Blog discusses criminal law and procedure, as well as court opinions in Washington and nationally.

Gabriel L. Grasso

"Runs through some of the more 'interesting' things that can happen in Las Vegas in the world of criminal defense attorney, Gabriel Grasso."

Gamso - For the Defense

Posts cover recent cases in the news related to criminal defendants; the wrongfully convicted and the exonerated; the death penalty and sentencing in general.

Garrett Law Group, PLC – Criminal Law Blog

The blog author answers common questions regarding criminal law and criminal charges.

"Devoted to bringing prison issues to light."

Georgia Criminal Appellate Law Blog

"Offering insight on the practice of appellate law and commentary from the Atlanta-based 11th Circuit Court of Appeals."

Georgia Criminal Defense Blog

This blawg covers Georgia criminal defense, including domestic violence, sex crimes, drug crimes, white-collar crimes, DUI and theft.

Georgia DUI Cases of Note

"A blog analyzing recent appellate court opinions surrounding Georgia DUI cases and issues related to DUI defense and prosecution."

Georgia DUI In the News

"Blog focusing on news on issues surrounding Georgia DUI arrest, law and defense."

Georgia DUI Lawyer

Posts cover information related to DUI offenses in Georgia, notable cases and information for potential clients.