Criminal Justice

  • Frisco DWI Lawyer & Attorney Blog

    "Perspectives on the law, legislature, trends, and happenings regarding intoxicated-related offenses."

  • FT Law, P.S.

    Blog discusses criminal law and procedure, as well as court opinions in Washington and nationally.

  • Gabriel L. Grasso

    "Runs through some of the more 'interesting' things that can happen in Las Vegas in the world of criminal defense attorney, Gabriel Grasso."

  • Galanter Law

    "Information about Florida laws tied in with current events in the South Florida area."

  • Gamso - For the Defense

    "Commentary from an Ohio criminal defense lawyer and anti-death-penalty activist on criminal law and procedure, constitutional law, jurisprudence, and related matters."

  • Garrett Law Group, PLC – Criminal Law Blog

    The blog author answers common questions regarding criminal law and criminal charges.


    "Devoted to bringing prison issues to light."

  • Georgia Criminal Appellate Law Blog

    "Offering insight on the practice of appellate law and commentary from the Atlanta-based 11th Circuit Court of Appeals."

  • Georgia Criminal Defense Blog

    This blawg covers Georgia criminal defense, including domestic violence, sex crimes, drug crimes, white-collar crimes, DUI and theft.

  • Georgia DUI Cases of Note

    "A blog analyzing recent appellate court opinions surrounding Georgia DUI cases and issues related to DUI defense and prosecution."

  • Georgia DUI In the News

    "Blog focusing on news on issues surrounding Georgia DUI arrest, law and defense."

  • Gerry Spence’s Blog

    This is the personal blog of famed trial lawyer Gerry Spence. The blog promises to provide insights into his more than 55 years of practice. He wrote in his inaugural post: "My greatest fear is that I will die before my life’s work is complete. That unfinished business includes joining you in this Internet world and sharing with you what I have learned. I hope you will hear my timid knocking at your door and let me in."

  • Gideon Speaks

    "Gideon Speaks, named after the landmark Supreme Court case which requires that counsel be provided for all indigent criminal defendants is a marriage of my love of the law and writing and discusses issues related to criminal and civil rights law in NYC. The blawg puts a real human face to the often nameless 'criminal defendant.' "

  • Ginny H.K. Walia, Esq.

    Blog discusses criminal defense and personal injury news items, particularly car accidents.

  • Gold, Leftwich & Wagner

    Blog includes posts on DUI charges, juvenile cases, substance abuse programs and field sobriety tests.

  • Goldman & Associates

    Posts note crime reports and car accidents in Michigan.

  • Governing Through Crime

    News about security measures, crime, sentencing and prisons (with a particular focus on California), and thoughts about crime's powerful impact on political strategies and how governments spend the taxpayers' money.

  • Government Contracts Monitor

    "Up-to-date information and analysis of issues facing government contractors and highlighting new laws, regulations, and legal precedents affecting the contracting community."

  • Graham Lawyer Blog

    Washington Supreme Court decisions, crime and criminal trials in Washington state and occasional posts on tribal law.

  • Grand Jury Target

    "This blog tracks federal prosecutions of corporate executives."

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